Money grabbing, and the end of Ahmadiyyat

Assalam o alikum

Ramadan Mubarak to both Muslims and Ahmadis

I hope and pray that we use this blessed month to purify our hearts, and gain nearness to Allah (swt)

Since I’m already dizzy fasting, I thought I could dish out a blog during the first day of Ramadan. This issue has been bothering me for months, and so I’d like to offload it here.

In this blog, I will discuss the amount of money the jamat harbours. With that in mind, it will show the numbers of Ahmadis worldwide, it will also bring light onto more lies regarding money spending, and finally, I’d like to discuss the future of Ahmadiyyat in terms of its financial predicament.

The three most essential branches by which the Ahmadiyya Jamat receives their income is based on Chanda Aam, Waqfe Jadid, and tahriki jadid. There’s a dozen more less significant ones like payments for Jalsa, ijtemas, MTA, and others.

Chanda Aam

This is 6% of the net income of every wage earner. This doesn’t take into account that here in the UK, around two-thirds of a person’s income goes on rent, nor does it take into account other essential taxes taken by the Government. Not only that, the 6% is taken from your state benefits like child tax, child benefits, and unemployment benefits. Any income from property, land, and investment are also taken into consideration. Basically, everything, and anything, save gifts, and even those, they look at you with disgust.

This amount is compulsory, and if you don’t pay it, well, be sure to get some freaky looking blokes knocking at your house every two weeks.

I’m not sure how much money they get from this yearly, but when you have doctors and engineers who give 6% of their income, then, you’ll probably get millions yearly, but I don’t think it will exceed £10 million worldwide since most Ahmadis in the west are broke taxi drivers.

The two below are voluntary, but they pester you into thinking they’re compulsory


2012- 5,018,000

Ranking of top contributors: Pakistan, USA (difference between UK £11,00) UK…… [1]

2013- £5,484,000

Ranking: *UK, Pakistan, USA, Germany, Canada, India, Australia, Indonesia, middle eastern country, Belgium

Apparently, the money was spent on: “most of this work has happened in African and India. From among these 158 mosques that I mentioned [136 plus the 22], 102 are full fledged mosques built in Africa and 22 perhaps in India, sheds so that they can be used right away to fulfil the immediate needs.” [2]

In the US, it was advised that “Please urge all children (under the age of 15) to become Nanha Mujahid by sacrificing $50 or more of their own money towards the Blessed Waqf-e-Jadid Scheme.” 

This money would be earned, and it may be received even from parents, but for performing certain tasks around the house.

Our ultimate goal is to have the US Ahmadi children contribute half of all Waqf-e-Jadid collection, insha-Allah. [3]

2014- £6,209,155

2015- £6,891,155

Ranking: Pakistan, UK, USA, Germany, Canada, India, Australia, Indonesia, a Middle Eastern country, Belgium and Ghana. [4]

2016- £8,020,000

Ranking: Pakistan, UK, Germany, US, Canada, India, Australia, a country from middle-east, Indonesia, a country from middle east and Ghana, and then are Belgium and Switzerland. [6]

Tehriki Jadid

2007/8- £4 million

2012/13- £8 million

2014/15- £9 million

2015/16- £11 million


Ranking generally: Pakistan, Germany, UK, USA, Canada, India, Australia, Indonesia, two Middle Eastern countries, Switzerland, Ghana and Nigeria.


I’m not sure why there are two different schemes for propagating ‘True Islam’, but both are practically for the same thing. Building mosques, school, and missionary centres.

The clearest annual report was given in 2013, in which they said they spent £19.9 million of the £20.3 million. They also said Ahmadiyyat had already built over 15,000 mosques, over 656 schools, and over 30 hospitals.

What to take from this quick search

  1. Most of these voluntary donations are given by children (up to 15 years of age). If the numbers are accurate, children in the US are paying between £200,000-£400,000 yearly, only for Waqfe-jadid.
  2. Ahmadis are stripped to their core when it comes to donating. If you add the donation of the children, as well as the Chanda Aam, you’re looking at 15%-20% of the income gone in donation.
  3. They’re still lying about the donation numbers. I think these numbers are an exaggeration, and I don’t think Ahmadis in Pakistan are giving that much money yearly. Plus, 15,000 mosques built, really? In the UK, they have less than 50, and the rest of the world has 15,000? Yeah, jog on.
  4. If the numbers are true, then most of the donations come from Pakistan and European countries. If you put both waqfe, and tehriki together, it means UK is giving around £2-3 million in voluntary donations yearly, as of 2016.
  5. Other than European countries and Pakistan, Ahmadis are nowhere to be seen (a true testament of their real numbers). Ghana, harbouring over 100,000 Ahmadis (Seen by their enormous Jalsa turnout) gives out less than £5,000 in donations yearly. Which brings me to the conclusion that Ahmadis in Africa are in on it for the $$$. The same goes for Indonesia, and Bangladesh isn’t even on there. The middle eastern countries listed are rich Arab states like Saudi Arabia, Dubai, or UAE; Pakistanis Ahmadis work there and donate from there.

What they really spend it on

MTA: They have three separate satellites running. MTA1, 2, and 3. To run those 3 yearly, it costs them around £5-8 million

Jalsa salana, local, regional, and national ijtemas worldwide: £2 million

Maintaining mosques, and building them: Let’s give them a generous £2 million

Maintaining 5 Jamia Ahmadiyya (I’m embarrassed to call them universities) worldwide: feeding the students, pocket money, and trips… approx £2 million

Paying for Murabbis and full-time workers: Your talking about paying for the families of 200 Ahmadi missionaries worldwide. Around £5 million

Total: £15-20 million


What will eventually break them

Most of their donations come from European countries. Their survival will rely on how rich Ahmadis are in the west, and I don’t think that will be the case anymore. No Ahmadi in their right mind would want to pay 6% of their net income. That’s just not happening here in the UK. I think all the numbers above are fake in some way, exaggerated, but nonetheless, it’s a close estimate.

What will eventually bring them to their knees are the jamia graduates. In the UK alone, you have 10-18 students graduating from Jamia annually, and that’s the case in Canada and Germany. In 8 years time, they’ll have around 350 missionaries to feed, along with their families. That’s another added £10 million on top of all the others I just discussed above.

The future of donations in Europe is in a state of decline, nothing has really happened between 2012 and 2017 for there to be a drastic increase in donations, except if Masroor Ahmad had really stressed on giving donations, which could be a sign of desperation.

In any case, this wave of new missionaries, with unaccredited worthless degrees will be a great burden on Ahmadiyyat in the foreseeable future.

Like I’ve always said, time is the best testament of truth. Only time will show falsehood. All I have to do is wait patiently.


And I know I said I won’t be posting again, but this topic really boggled me for a long time.

And peace be unto you

And by the way, nobody should take this as gospel, I might be wrong in some of my estimations, and I look forward to what some of you might say on where the real spending is put.


9 thoughts on “Money grabbing, and the end of Ahmadiyyat

  1. Thanks. I’m aware of the scandals. Like I said, I don’t trust any figures given by the Jamat, but assessing their numbers, I just wanted to see how long they can survive for.

    Anyway, I visited your website. With all do respect, I find your feminist critique of ahmadiyyat insufficient.

    As a sceptic of postmodern thought (i.e social justice), as well as the so called liberation movements, I think u might be mistaken in your worldview.

    How about put God before an edgy, secular, and post-enlightenment philosophy?

    I’m not only here to shake the beliefs of Ahmadis, and a lot of ex-Muslims seem to all be saying “but MUH feminist professor would say that’s misogyny” (that’s why they leave Islam)

    If anything, there’s more to Ahmdiyyat than misogyny (seemingly oppression committed by men).

    All I’m saying is this “you may want to reconsider your worldview”

  2. Well thank you

    I thought u would flip out at me with rage. I just thought there’s more injustice in the world to be worried about than men oppressing women.

    It’s nice to see open-minded people here.

  3. You’re right, you’d have to wait patiently for a loong time dear brother in Islam, since your prediction for the fall of Ahmadiyyah Islam is wrong.
    I hope you keep this post up here, and not delete it in the future, as a reminder of where you were wrong. May Allah bless you and be with us all. Salam.

  4. Salam

    Well, there’s the possibility of finance from external sources of which I have not discussed in this blog.

    But don’t worry, time will prove truth.

    If Allah wills, he can end it now, it’s just a matter of time, but I’ve got (God willing), at least 40 years ahead of me, it would be interesting to see Ahamdis in the west having a future (especially with rising Muslim population).

    Anyway, Amen to that…..

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