English revelation of the Mirzaaayyyy

Peace be unto you again. I hope everyone is doing good, and I hope and pray you’re all well, cheerful and contempt in your lives. Ameen

It’s been long. Nearly a month since I haven’t blogged, and damn it has been wonderful. One thing though, I won’t be in the country this week, so I’ll skip another week again.

I’ve been really really busy these weeks, but alhamdolillah, I’m surviving (Thanks for asking)

I should stop talking to myself and get straight into it, and oh, I’ve managed to recover all the document from my previous laptop, so it’s bad news for Ahmadis already.
But for this blog, I didn’t really put any effort into it.

I’m here to correct the God of Mirza in English. Let’s see what Mirza’s God told him in English shall we!!!

To access the revelation of Mirza in English, click on the link below, and go to to page 1101. I honestly don’t know how the Ahmadis who read these ‘revelations’ remained believers. But anyway, let’s crack on


Here’s a selection, and my correction/commentary


“I can what I will do.”
Correction: I can do what I want


“We can do what we will do”
Correction: We can do what we want


“I am by Isa”
Correction: That’s a literal translation from Urdu. It should be “I am with Isa”, but we can let this one through


“Life of pain”
Correction: Life of an imposter should be full of pain


“He is with you to kill enemy.”
Correction: He is with you to kill the enemy


“I am quarreller”
Correction: I am a quarreller (He probably heard this in court)


“The days shall come when God shall help you. Glory be to this Lord. God maker of earth and heaven”
Correction: God, the maker of the earth and heaven/s


“Though all men should be angry, but God is with you. He shall help you.”
Correction: although the structure of this statement is correct, the meaning is incorrect. He was meant to write ‘Even if all the men/people are angry on you, God is with you.’


“I love you. I shall give you a large party of Islam.”
Correction: I shall give you a large party from the people of Islam/from Muslims
*I wasn’t really sure about this one, can you say “I shall give you a large party of Islam”?


“You have to go Amritsar.”
Correction: You have to go to Amritsar


“He halts in the Zilla Peshawar”
Correction: He resides/lives in the Zilla Peshawar


“Fair man”
Correction: ‘A fair man’, or ‘A good man’


“Assistant Surgeon.” (I believe one of his relatives was an assistant surgeon)


“A word and two girls”
This one is a funny one. The story behind it is hilarious. The first time he received this ‘revelation’, there was a girl called Muhammadi Begham he was chasing or something along these lines. It’s a different girl to the Beghami he wanted to marry (poor girls). Anyway, this woman had two daughters, and she was about to receive another baby. He first got this ‘revelation’ in January 1906, probably when they knew she was pregnant, then just a month before she gave birth in July, he got the same ‘revelation’. This ‘revelation’ was to prove his truthfulness somehow, because the woman would have a son who would be a manifestation of his truthfulness. So what happened folks? Yes, she got another third baby girl. So what did he say after this prophecy failed? he went on his usual doomsday trash, saying that if it was a baby boy, there would be major earthquakes that would take place and what not, so thank God she was a baby girl. What an absolute moron this guy was. If I could go back in time, I would go back in time just to give him the greatest slap anyone has delivered in history, or I would save humanity from his evil, and especially Ahmadis. The Ahmadis living now are great people, they were just burdened by egoistic people, and it continues till today.

May Allah save us from this fitnah


41 thoughts on “English revelation of the Mirzaaayyyy

  1. The baha’ group is spread in 200 countries. Checkmate!!!! And what, you let your Eman rely on the amount of people tricked around the world???? Are u some kind of psychic.

    And do u believe that nonsense after they told you they converted 81 million in one year?

    Come on bro…… Give it a rest already.

    My blog has reached over 150 countries. I could just tell them to sign a form of allegiance to me, it’s not a big deal. I’m sure ISIS has a following in more than 200 countries, and at least they don’t have to lie to get converts.

    Plus, don’t u think it’s a bit weird that his revelation has grammatical errors, and why would Allah tell him in a revelation ‘Assistant surgeon’

    Also, ‘I love you’…… I’m sure u laughed at that.

  2. Now compare my one sentense with your lines, who are more frustrated 😉
    There must be those in the world, who goes against Islam, that´s the teaching of Quran

    You mad jokes about islamAhmadiyyat, I just showed you the otherside

  3. Salaam
    The whole world is laughing at Islam and he is busy mocking others instead of replying to them as if Ahamaddiyyat is the only evil in this world and claims that he is appointed by Allah to throw mud on others.I tell you man that Allah has forbidden Muslims to abuse even the false deities.

  4. This is the perfect debunk of your founder.

    Mirza called Hindus cowards. He said Christians are the best/most liars. He called Muslims sons of prostitutes for not believing in him.

    He claimed that Allah appointed him to destroy all religions, especially Christianity.

    I’m not throwing no mud. It would be respectful for me to throw mud at this deranged thing. I’m only presenting his writings and I can see you ahmadis hate him.

    I’m not attacking u ahmadis, I’m attacking him. You need to distinguish the difference. Your not defending him, you’re just defending the decisions of your ancestors.

    And maybe if you look further into the Quran, it states that you should stand up to injustice, and be justice, for surly that is closer to righteousness.

  5. You are living in a fools-paradise.
    A typical Sarkari Muslim who have no place in Ahmaddiyyat.I`m sure you are thrown out of Ahmaddiyyat and man you deserve it.

  6. I was one of the most active khuddam, if not, the most active khadim. I was incharge of atfal for over a year, I used to go out in the rain for hours door to door for leafleting while the big faces sat down in their homes drinking chai. I was planning on going Jamia, but I thank Allah for saving me.

    To everyone’s surprise, I was gunna write an article criticising Muslims and their approach to Ahmadiyyat, but when I see how ignorant you ahmadis are; I just think to myself there’s isn’t any point. U guys can’t think for crap, anything but Ahmadiyyat. Anything……

  7. I have been following your blog for a while now. Keep it up! You don’t need to worry about whether anyone will accept what you are posting. If you see evil, and you are convinced that it is evil, then tell others about it. Whether it is evil or not, is not the point. The point is that you are making others aware of what you feel. It’ll get the discussion going.

    The Prophet has said: “Whosoever of you sees an evil, let him change it with his hand; and if he is not able to do so, then [let him change it] with his tongue; and if he is not able to do so, then with his heart — and that is the weakest of faith.” [Muslim]

    Many, many…MANY Ahmadis see the evil that is happening in the Jama’at, but they simply remain quiet, because they feel they don’t need to rock the boat. They are fearful of being branded. There is so much jealousy and hatred amongst Jama’at members. This is a fact. Ahmadis are lions when it comes to speaking out against Muslims to the rest of the world, but they become foxes when it comes to spilling the beans on Ahmadis. Ahmadis only speak out against the “wrongs” of the Jama’at in private. Unfortunately, in private nothing can be resolved. If Ahmadis also kept to themselves, in general, and kept private what they felt about other Muslims, then it would be a different story!

    “How can you say to your brother, ‘Brother, let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when you yourself fail to see the plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.” Luke 6:42

    Whether Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was right or wrong, to me, it is irrelevant now. What matters is the comportment of Ahmadis today. Ahmadis do not care for Islam. Ahmadis care for Ahmadiyyat. Because they think Ahmadiyyat is Islam, that’s why they think that they care for Islam. The moment you seek help from non-Muslims against Muslims, that’s the moment of realization that you not care for Islam. Today, Ahmadis have lobbied the whole world against Muslim due to their “plight.” A non-existent plight. Sure, some Ahmadis are roughed up here and there, but I do not think it is “only” because they are Ahmadi.

    The West does not care about Ahmadis or their plight. They use Ahmadis as ammunition against the rest of the Muslims. They only help Ahmadis because it is beneficial for them. It gives them reason to attack other Muslims because they have Ahmadi theology, supposedly “true Islam,” backing them.

    The Ahmadiyyat of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad might have been Islam, but not the Ahmadiyyat of today. The Ahmadiyyat and Ahmadis of today stand in full force against the ummah. They lobby the West only for Ahmadiyyat, not for Muslims as a whole. It is truly sad. They claim that a jihad of war is no longer needed, but they have no problem calling the West to help obliterate the Muslims by force.

    Ahmadis scream so loud to show the rest of the world that Muslims are not following Islam. They claim that only they follow Islam. WTF! Why do you think that non-Muslims would care? Mirza Ghulam Ahmad showed so much love towards Muslims, despite using harsh language against them, only, he said, because Muslims claim to also love the Prophet. Today, the same Muslims claim to love the Prophet, but Ahmadis could care less. Stepping on Muslims is an easy way to find favoritism among the Western elite, and perhaps might one day materialize into power. However, the rest of the Muslims will never forget and will not forgive how Ahmadis made it to the top.

    When people like Hani Tahir join Ahmadiyyat everyone cheers for him, the moment someone like Hani Tahir leaves Ahmadiyyat everyone jeers at him. If he was used as an example to show that Ahmadiyyat is right, when he accepted Ahmadiyyat, then he should also be used as an example to show that Ahmadiyyat is wrong, when he left Ahmadiyyat..

  8. @ Tamim

    When someone leaves Mullahs, he/she has to fear for their lives, because they are Wajabul Qatal accordig to Mullahs

    So get some knowlege first before putting your nonsense on web

  9. People has been coming in and out of Islam right from the beginning,A larger porsion of Islam left it at the demise of Rassol e Karim saw but nothing happened to Islam instead it increased day by day.Quran is full of mention of heretics who claimed Islam on the morning and left it at evening and no dent was made to Islam.No hue and cry at exit of Hani Tahir at all:no compulsion in religion.He is at least a gentleman and has not condemned the basic issues like death of Esa ele salam,advent of Mehdi and real meaning of verse khatam un nabeen m.m.He even not consider us as non-muslim.

    I can qoute piles of examples from your side of islam like you people are serving here but I wo`nt be doing because you assume it as attack on Islam from a non-muslim.

  10. Waaaaaw……. I’m speechless mashallah. This is something else. Finally someone who actually thinks for himself.

    I think human ignorance and cowardness has been the plague of humanity since day one. I think people are too scared to criticise someone they love, or someone they need for sustenance. This reminds me of the socialists in the Soviet Union. They didn’t care about the proletariat, and the poor people suffering, all they cared about is the writing of Marx and similar communist writers. Even when Stalin committed horrific crimes in the name of the utopian communist regime, you had very little if any socialists come out and condemn his acts. Even writers in the UK remained faithful that socialism was the right thing even after witnessing the horrors of the Soviet Union.

    Yeh, from the outside, ahmadis draw you an image from the 5th dimension about their work, how they are persecuted and blah blah blah. They pander to everyone like a little kid, but when u actually go inside the community…. Oh my days. You are not safe from anyone, and so much jealousy, so much backbiting. Just before I decided to leave this cult, I was speaking to an Ahmadi who was very active in the scene, and back then, I had my own worries and I told him Ahmadis keep talking about unity and what not, but I don’t see any of it, I don’t see any warm hearts, and I don’t see any brotherhood or sisterhood anywhere I go. It’s all the same, the same military style autocratic regime. He texted me back saying ‘Ahmadis are not united’.

    I was deeply conservative when I was an Ahmadi, but I wasn’t brainwashed into just obeying rules. I used to get really pissed off at liberal sell-outs like Qasim and what not. But when I talk to Ahmadis, no no, it’s cool, mashallah he’s really good and doing a create job spreading true Islam. My concerns weren’t theological although I love theology, my concerns were the people. Even before I decided to exit, they told me I could work nationally, and one of them, I don’t wanna call out names was being almost angelic in his speech, but by then, I had enough already, and I was doubting. He was the first to expose me, can u imagine!!!! Someone who had kids and was working nationally thought it was soooo important to report my ‘doubts’ about the Ahmadiyya system. Also, just before that, I was also talking to one brother at ijtema in the football field, and I loved that man from the bottom of my heart and I knew he would understand me. So we were talking and he told me he doesn’t believe masroor Ahmad is appointed by Allah, although it could be helped, he didn’t believe he’s the divinely ordained. But after that conversation, I saw so much panic. Even my Qaid said he was informed that someone was speaking about Jamat and prophethood and what not. I was astonished at the policing state, I couldn’t believe it, and from then on, things became so much more serious.

    Your point about not speaking out against others is so true, and I think it’s similar with the Muslim community. I love the Muslim community and I feel so much at home with them, but sometimes they take advice with a grim face, but at least they take advice. Like I suggested we do calligraphy for Isoc and that maybe a better outreach for us, and to my suppose, a couple of weeks after, calligraphy was on, and taught by a professional as well. I understand even in the Muslim community they attack others more than they look at themselves, but at least they’re not dead, at least they improvise and take feedback at the end of the day. At least they are living people. For Ahmadis, u can’t even go 5 minutes into a debate without the person making u feel like u are going against the khalifa. And even big figures, big men who are supposed to be the pillars of Jamat send complaints to Masroor Ahmad about their fellow men, you can’t survive in this atmosphere, u either have to be dead, or spend your time suffocating.

    But I disagree with you on one thing and that is ‘Mirza Ghulam Ahmad showed so much love towards Muslims’….. Oh no no no he didn’t.

    He used Islam and Muslims as a tool to further his evil aims. When he was told not to abuse, he went searching in the Quran for harsh language….. When he was told who was the mujadid before u, he said go ask the prophet Muhammad (pbuh). So u can tell this guys is using Islam as a bridge for his evilness. He couldn’t care less about Muslims or Islam, as long as Islam benefited him, he loved it, as long as Muslims were the potential victims of his evil, he showed compassion to them. That’s it, I would never believe this guy had any real live towards Islam or Muslims, or anyone for that matter. A narcissist has no heart unfortunately.

  11. Can u stop saying Mullahs. It really pisses me off. Can u talk like human being and specify. Why do u have to be so condescending? Is that an obligation?

    You said it’s wajib ul qatl according to mullahs. So let’s test your knowledge and see if what you trashed here is nonsense.

    Who was the first person to say apostates should be killed in Islam?

    If u can’t specify, then go for a period. When approximately did this evil belief creep in? 14th century? 18th century?

  12. I didn’t serve any type of Islam, so u can’t attack my Islam.

    Plus, why don’t u defend this individual Mirza ghulam Ahmad. Why are u so scared?

    I can criticise Muslims, I can criticise certain theological aspects within Islam. I can talk about the rampant sectarianism between us Muslims. I can talk about the insecurities, our intellectual fall down. And on and on and on……

    But why should I do that in front of people who clearly cannot stand up to injustice?

    I talk about problems within the Muslim community and theology day and night, but I talk to people who understand. I talk to people who listen, and are honest.

    I don’t talk to people who defend a narcissist maniac. I have no respect for someone who continues to praise someone who had the most corrupt morals Mother Nature has ever created.

    Sorry bro, but until u come clean, until u stand to injustice even against yourself, then I can maybe open up, then maybe we can have a conversation, because by your attitude, nothing in this world will ever change. I’m not gunna waste my time on people who don’t deserve it. Come clean, and I’ll open up. Be stupid and ignorant, and I’ll show no mercy. That’s the deal.

  13. I don’t have enough knowledge of the “real” writings of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. Quite frankly, I do not trust those who have quoted him in order to “expose” him. For example, his English revelations do have linguistic realities. Some of his English revelations do make sense, because some of the constructions where some of the words are left out, we still use in today’s English. For example, “He is with you to kill enemy” does make sense. Or, using synonyms in the example of “I am by Isa.” For the other constructions that have become obsolete, research would have to be conducted to understand them better, or prove that these constructions never existed. Also, one has to realize that he is receiving revelation in a language that he does not know, according to him. You would only know that if you had a linguistics background. I do not have a linguistics background. Also, I would have to find time to sit and really sift through it all. This is a challenge that I have given myself. I need to get to the bottom of this myself. There are too many secondary source material in the Jama’at, that, quite frankly, I have stopped trusting also. Hardly anyone in the Jama’at quotes Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. They quote whatever is popular and then they go on on a rant based on their own philosophy.

    To be honest, I do feel sorry for the present khalifa. I feel that he has been giving a seat, the seat of khilafat, that he did not want. But because he can’t refuse it, based on Islamic principles, he therefore has to deal with the members of the community. He is stuck between a rock and a hard place. He either has pseudo-intellects who think they know it all and who speak over him or he has bunch of superstitious people who worship him and forces him to cater to their “bicharagi.” I find that Ahmadis lack obedience when it comes to khilafat.

    I truly find him to be pious. I think he is a good Muslim. I do not think that his knowledge is comprehensive, but then again that is not a requirement to be a pious Muslim. Piety is your inner state, the connection you have with the Divine. There are many people out there who are pious and they are not even Muslim, if being Muslim means to be on the true path.

    I do not think the khalifa has the right advisors who love God or who love the ummah as a whole. I do not think his advisors have depth in their thinking when it comes to Islam. I think his advisors are just worldly people. I feel that the khalifa truly feels that Ahmadiyyat represents true Islam; and, for this reason he can’t bash Ahmadis in public, because then it would bring “doubt” on Ahmadiyyat as a whole. I think the khalifa would leave today’s “Ahmadiyyat,” if he could, and start off fresh with a few members based on what Ahmadiyyat is truly supposed to be. I feel this because he does bash Ahmadis in his sermons and wherever else he can. These Ahmadis don’t even listen to him or his sermons. They simply use “attack on khilafat” to justify their power trips.

    Again, please forgive my ignorance. I do not have in-depth knowledge of the primary sources of the writings of the community. But, one thing I do feel is that Ahmadis do not really care for other Muslims. They only care for themselves. They are selfish in this sense.

    Humans tend to be selfish or selfless. It depends on their spiritual state. Ahmadis at the end of the day are also human. But, then again, other human beings, and non-Ahmadi Muslims also being human, are just humans, like them, and are full of flaws. This is something that Ahmadis need to ponder upon. So, Ahmadis have to stop excusing their own as “human” when they make mistakes, but go out on a full attack on other “human beings” as having a conspiracy to harm them when they make mistakes.

    Love for all, hatred for none, means to have a big heart and to forgive with ease and to help others altruistically. This motto cannot only be used in front of “white” people, as if you are offering them a turkey dinner, instead of your aloo gosht, hypocrisy, to make feel at home. For starters stop lobbying against Muslims in front of Western powers. Put your full trust in God. Endure the pain of persecution, but don’t sell-out your own Muslim brethren. Ahmadis speak of being like the sahaba of the Prophet. Well, they endured real hard time until they made it to Medina. The Medina period of Ahmadiyyat has not started, if you will. Let’s go with that, for starters.

  14. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwww

    Subhanallah. This is something else. An Ahmadi who is sincere and intelligent.

    May Allah’s grace fall upon you in abundance

    You write so eloquently with a pure heart. I have things to say, but it will surly degrade the might of your comment.

    May Allah bless you dear brother

  15. Så dear Tamim you mean that we should bear all the atrocities committed by the worst creature on earth and be silent and shall not tell others which traumic experience we are gone through just because the culprit is a muslim and if we told others what he has done to us så in a sense we have stigmatized Islam.Subhan Allah kia mantaq hey.

    Madina period lasted 13 years and we have been persicuted for more than 113 year and according to you Ahmaddiyya Madina period has not yet begun.MashAllah what a logic!

    I tell you that exactly this logic is prevailing in Pakistan and you people are contributiing to terrorism
    This Eid ul Melad they have celebrated by burning of Chakwal Mosque and you should be proud of it that your Jihad with the pen is working properly.

  16. Having sympathy for Ahmadis I do understand the hatred of “mullahs” but I think you wrongly conflate the whole Muslim Ummah with them. Yes, Muslims do not agree with your beliefs but I don’t think the vast majority are psychos who believe Ahmadis should be persecuted/ attacked. The Muslim world is not united and therefore there is not one Monolith that you can speak about whereas there is only one Ahmadiyya Jamat that we are speaking of here.

    I just wanted to pick up on your point about Khilafat. When Mirza Masroor Ahmad became khalifa I know many Ahmadis felt disappointed because he lacked the charisma of Mirza Tahir Ahmad. To quell these concerns there was much talk of how he was a “strong administrator”. Over time I think people have learned to accept him and his ways. You talk about his advisors being corrupt and this is something I too have heard. I don’t have knowledge of his inner circle and neither do I have any reason to question his personal piety but I do have some observations about him:

    The constant emphasis on obedience to Khilafat (in his reign) to the point where it feels like this is the only creed of Ahmadiyyat. It made me very uncomfortable hearing it because it began to sound like shirk. It was hearing people talking about Khilafat as if they were talking about the Divine that made me first consider that this could be a cult. I know you feel people don’t obey him enough but my experience has been to the contrary. I think overall the Jamat is too autocractic and it’s people too willing to follow blindly.

    He clearly struggles with being an extremely conservative person and having to reconcile that with this progressive Islam image that the Jamat wants to depicts eg the Jamat loves to talk to the West about how it’s women are educated. “We have doctors, lawyers, teachers etc ” they say. But when you listen to Mirza Masroor Ahmad addressing women there is noticeable contempt for professional women. This reinforces your point that perhaps the Jamat isn’t really what he wants it to be but to some extent his hands are tied.

  17. This Blog is very informative.. I have accidentally come up against the Ahmadiyya Cult and thanks to your blog I have a much better understanding of the Psychological control they use on people unluckily born into a Ahmadiyya family.

  18. Your welcome bro. Spread the word.

    Plus, feedback would be great (not that I’m posting again; I’m sick of this stuff)

    Often enough, lies that are so clear often get buried by either authoritative control, or blatant deceit. And sometimes u can’t even tell the difference.

    But hay ho, that’s life.


  19. Yes, it was meant for you. I’m glad you’re doing fine. Where can I find your email address?

  20. Hi,

    could anyone please post a link to a video in which the ahmadi leader personally announces those ridiculous conversion numbers.


  21. I read somewhere that he annoounced 80 Million in a jalsa speech in 2002. But all you find is censored ahmdi propaganda with which they flood the internet.

    We schould have a video available for everyone to hear and see what a cheat their leader is.

  22. Hahaha,

    I just read a few of those “devine” revelations and must laugh out loud.

    The ahmadi god was mental and prophesized judgment days daily. So many judgement days. It appears as if every day is a judgement day.

    The ahmadis are lucky that noone cares about them. If people would really inform them selves about ahmadis, then ahmadis would be in deep shit. AHmadis are better off destroying all their leaders publication before anayone cares to read them.

    I like the one in which mirza prays for someone who is facing a criminal case against him and who promises him 50 rupees. Mirza says, as he needed the money, he prayed for his release and soon he got the 50 rupees. WHat a revelation ahm,adis can be proud of.

  23. Unfortunately Muslims tend to be very isolated.

    U could easily slap a court case against these people and you’ll see half of them in prison and their reputation destroyed forever.

    I think that’s the smarter way of going about things. Publicise, make it available and digestible to everyone and not your particular sect or group.

    It’s unfortunate to see a multi-million family business cult lie so blatantly and not get called out for it

  24. Here is one video in 2012 at an Inauguration of a mosque in Catford where an Ahmadi slipped and said Mirza Masroor Ahmad was the head of 150 Ahmadi muslims around the world. Then everyone corrected him, and he repeated that it was 150 million worldwide. Note, this was in 2012, and if front of Masroor, and major Ahmadi leaders. Just shows how brainwashed these people are.

    The minute you want to go to is 25:20, That’s where he announced over 150 million

  25. Yeah there are many written publications and press releases where they claim to be 200 Millions etc. and which the western journalists just copy into their own articles.

    I’d like to see a video of the mirza announcing the conversion figures in a year.

    I went through a dozen of videos yesterday and only could find one video I think from 1994 where the mirza announced 400.000 converts, which of course is already bullshit, but I’m looking for announcments by the mirza about multiple millions.

    I skimmed through a dozen videos, but could only find the part where they announce the attendance of the jalsa. When it comes to the conversion figures, the only videos I could find, is when they show the punjabi sheeps at the jalsa swearing to the mirza.

    I think they are deliberately removing any videos that show the mirza announcing ridiculuse figures from the net.

    I think we need to counter that and make records available of the Mirza lying first hand and not any of his goons. It is common procedure for the ahmadis to deflect the blame from the mirza to any of his goons. But the fraud begins at the top.

    I hope someon has a video of the mirza.

  26. Well, I don’t have any records because my Urdu is extremely poor, but I don’t think ahmadis will reject the numbers given by the Jamat.

    They’re stuck either way. The scandal is already big enough.

    There’s no need for further evidence, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they removed the part where the numbers were announced.

  27. Yes I hink they have definately removed it.

    The ahmadis are trying to delete these lies of their leader from any record available.

    It would be good though to have the mirza on record for these lies and not rely on ahmadi propaganda.

    Nobody has to convince me, but I would like to have proof of that lie for anyone who would doubt it available in non ahmadi sources.

    I hope someone can get his hands on a record and post it. I don’t want them to get away with this.

  28. Thanks, but it seems you’re suggesting that this isn’t a free speech, and an open discussion.

    If u have any questions about Islam, u can ask them here. I’m a devout Muslim, and I found many ex-ahmadis that became devout Muslims by leaving ahmadiyyat.

    Most ahmadis that leave ahmadiyyat were never ahmadis to begin with, and most of them leave due to social issues, and not theological ones.

    Same goes with Islam.

    Now secular humanists, like yourself and many others take you’re morality from some deadbeat thinkers in the 18th century like Thomas Paine and his lot. With a sprinkling of postmodern dogma, your all ready in a self-galvanising mission, alongside the creation of an ugly deity in a divinised version of yourself.

    But anyhow, without sounding too harsh, if you have any problems with Islam, ask it here, and don’t use my platform to spread your beliefs if you don’t state who you are, and your motives.


  29. Sure, please feel free to delete that comment if you have an issue with the link being posted on your platform. I posted it here as there are a number of people over there involved in discussions about Ahmadiyyat which I believed might be of interest to readers of this blog. The intention was not to imply that there isn’t free discussion here, it was to point people to other resources that may be of interest. I understand that not everyone will agree with everything posted there but there are some discussions specifically about Ahmadiyyat which I think would probably be interesting. That platform is open to believing Ahmadis, doubting Ahmadis, ex Ahmadis, Muslims, Atheists and anyone else with any sort of interest in Ahmadiyya Islam.

    I’m not going to engage with your accusatory remarks. Like I said I’m fine with you deleting my comment as this is your site to control as you please. I will avoid posting anything here in the future.

  30. I apologise for my rudeness

    Take that as my ego, and I hope you forgive me

    With no offence, I still doubt your sincerity, but do post here, I don’t want anyone to be put off by my shortcomings.

  31. Subhanallah I was literally in the middle of writing a piece on the Ahmedi Jamats relationship with the Pakistani Government and their False pleas of Victimhood. I think you may find it quite interesting, and ypu may have much to add to it. I will put it on my wordpress as soon as im finished. I would love for you to have a read of it, and some feedback or dicussion would be fantastic. It will be my first ever article/blog on wordpress so any support and feedback would be awesome.

    my wordpress site is: verybritishmuslim.wordpress.com

    keep up the good work


  32. Sultan Qalam, sorry but you cannot be proud of how Ahmediyyat spread to 200+ countries… have taken a look at the shear amount of Ahmedis that have issues with the corruption of your ‘divinely inspired’ khalif?

    going to the poorest part of the world, and bribing Starving poeple with food to join your cult is hardly something to be proud of is it? Come on….. a bit of self respct mate.

    I went to and Ahmedi Centre in the UK, spent some time speaking to some gentlemen there about Mirza Ghulam Ahmed etc. there were some african Ahmedis there who had originally come from Africa. The special trick i had up my sleeve was that i was with a brother who spoke 6 African languages fluently. Turned out the African brother hadn’t realised, nor been told, that Ahmedis belive in Mirza to be a Prophet. He thaught the man with the beard in the picture was their sheikh, nothing more.

    lets be honest, ypu guys do love to pretend you are the SAME as Muslims dont you? You make a specific point of posing as muslims without making your differences with conventinal Islam clear. You make a point of writing the Muslims declaration of faith in huge caligraphy in your “mosques”.

    I have never come across an Ahmedi, who starts his conversation off by saying ” i am a follower of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed, and belive he was a Prophet”. It always takes a lot of working out and persuading it out of you.

    When you guys put your little messages on Billboards and busses etc, you dont write “Ahmediyyat” do you? you write “Islam”, and you dont quote Mirza do you? you quote the Prophet Muhammad (saw).

    so converting people by pretending to be Muslims, spreading to 200 nations by pretending to be Muslims, essentially by deceit and misguidance…. and you then use that to stick it in the face of an actualy “Muslim”… funny that isnt.

    its like me borrowing money from my brother, and then taunt him as to how much welthier than him i am becuse i have more money…. His Money.

    so mate, have some self respect.. use your little taunts to convince Christians or something, dont use them in a Muslim… you look stupid.

    You are desperate to be Muslim, you are desperate to be him.

    Ahmedis are so proud of quoting their figures… Like 90% of the poor they feed throughout the world end up converting to Ahmediyyat.. yet they don’t realise that they are uncovering their front to cover their back….. becuase this shows, that they use money to but vulnerable people’s faith. Generally, people you feed out of the goodness fo your heart dont tend to accept your religion… unless they know this is the only way you will feed them. Shameful.


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