Mirza says happiness comes from the planet Jupiter

So this is the third completion of the episode ‘illogicality of Muslims’. Ahmadis like to throw that around a lot. Without me even having to defend Muslims for their seemingly ‘illogical’ beliefs, I only used Mirza and the all-time MTA star Jahangeer to expose the double standards and failures in this claim. While they so foolishly mocked our belief in the Jinn, Mirza Tahir shut them up with his story of the jinn changing the blade of his razor. And while they mocked our illogical belief in the splitting of the moon, I showed them the scientific proof as explained by Mirza Ghulam, i.e. animals living on the sun and moon.

So if you hear an Ahmadi try and play the logic card game. Be sure to navigate them here.

I would like to add my own content, but since Hani Tahir is smashing this thing, I thought I’ll use his material again to show the fairy tales MGA believed in. Hani Tahir had four episodes on the fairy tale beliefs of Mirza, but this one is the best one I’ve come across.

Without further ado, here is Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his enlightened approach to science and religion.

The time of the Prophet, peace be upon him….. is the fifth millennium. It follows the Mars effect, this is the secret that lies in the fact that the Prophet, peace be upon him had ordered the killing of mischief makers who killed Muslims and wanted to eliminate them and were determined to exterminate them. And this is the effect of Mars by the order and permission of Allah…….The greater transfiguration and the fullest and most complete in the second coming of the prophet Muhammad (sas) is the transfiguration of the name ‘Ahmad’ only, because the second coming is predicted in the late sixth millennial. And the relationship of the six millennial is with Jupiter, and is the sixth from the saying ‘khunnas al kunnas’ (Arabic term), and this relationship (Jupiter) prohibits the messengers from shedding blood. And it develops the mind, intelligence…..

I think this passage sums up Mirza better than anything. He uses fairy tales, history, hadith, Quran, and his own mischievous ways to feed his big fat ugly ego of narcissism. What an absolute disgrace!

So in that, he says he’s the second coming of our nabi Muhammad (sas). He adds that his coming will be far greater and would be the most complete. He also explains how the battles that took place at the time of Muhammad (sas) like Badr and Uhud are due to the impact of Mars. And he finishes it off by saying jihad was made prohibited on him because of the relationship with Jupiter and Allah. A’othu billah min ashaytan arrajeem

What is going on? What the hell is going on here?

Don’t worry though. Mirza has more logic up his sleeve. Let’s see what he says here

There is another thing about these verses; what is the meaning of the words of the angels of God Almighty: ‘you will make the mischief maker a Khalifa?’ So it is clear that the truth is that Allah while creating the seven heavens in the sixth day, and he willed and proportioned every heaven, and the sixth day was near and close to its end- which is the day of the star of the biggest happiness, i.e Jupiter. And the angles noted who were given knowledge of happiness and misfortune. They noted from the evidence of the verse ‘and inspired in each heaven its command’, and they had known the biggest happiness came from Jupiter, they saw Adam (AS) did not find a share of this day, as few remained of the day. So they thought the creation of Adam was going to be in Saturn, and his fitra (nature) will be deposited out of Saturn influences of oppression, suffering and others. And from this will result many tribulations, and the objection was only made out of supposition and not certainty. So they objected upon conjecture and said ‘Will you place upon it one who causes corruption therein and sheds blood?’ And they thought of themselves as ascetic and servants and sanctified and incapable of sins….So Allah said to them ‘I know that which you don’t know’, that is, you do not know when I will create Adam (Tuhfa Golarwiya 1900)

And the story goes on and on and on. I will leave you with this for now. It’s interesting to note that he believed Allah created everything in a week. And the week days being Saturday, Sunday and so on. He also seems to believe that the planets Jupiter, Mars and so on are the only planets present in the entire solar system. So he might be onto something here. He’s being both philosophical and a mystic. Explaining that happiness came from Jupiter as philosophy, and a mystic because he made up that story.

But it’s fascinating to know where this guy gets his info from. In my previous blog about him believing animals inhabit the sun, an Ahmadi raised up an important point, and that was that this particular belief was held by some Hindus. So this whole episode to do with happiness being in Jupiter and oppression being from Saturn is something he picked up from the Hindus who he so vehemently attacked.

So, is this enough for illogicality? or are you still waiting for more wisdom from the Mirza family?

But I have one important notice to give to Ahmadis.

I apologise if my blog hurt any Ahamdi. My intention of opining this blog was not to troll around and insult Ahmadis. The blog I had ‘my thoughts on Jalsa Salana’ was fairly harsh, but that’s because I wrote it when I was at the start of this blog, and I was half asleep at the time as well. It got over six hundred reads, so it signifies that Ahmadis were hurt by my language in there, even calling it filthy. Once again, I apologise if I caused unnecessary hurt to anyone. I only speak like this because not long ago I was part of this community, so for me to casually say things like this is truly out of concern for the individuals who I loved and still would be best friends with without this barrier between us. But I had Ahmadis who were hurt just because I said ‘bunch of Punjabis’ and ‘cult’. I mean, what do you expect me to say? It’s not like Ahmadis are going to give you a box of chocolates when you decide to leave Ahmadiyyat, it’s not like they’re going to give you a big comfy hug and wish you the best of luck on your new journey.  I can’t treat you guys like babies here when you are clearly on falsehood, when you are being lied to on mass scale, and when you pay your attention, and put your effort and money on something so feeble. I hope my blog did not deter any Ahmadi from reading what I have to say. I say this with true sincerity, I only want the best for you. And outside of this blog, I’m not an anti-Ahmadi freak who’s obsessed with Ahmadiyyat.

At the end of the day, life is a struggle and a test. And the best are those who face those challenges with an open heart, and when the decision comes, the heart is courageous enough to fight off any cowardly and weak inclinations.



18 thoughts on “Mirza says happiness comes from the planet Jupiter

  1. Thanks for enlightening us about the writings of the imposter called Mirza Ghulam Qadiani. Please don’t discontinue this series. We are eager to know more.
    Jazak Allah khair!

  2. am just curious, have you left the jamaat or are you in the process of leaving it? If so, does your family know?

  3. There’s a reason why I don’t reveal myself

    Even if my entire family left, and I left too. I still won’t reveal myself

    I don’t want people to judge me on who I am, or where I come from, or what my history is.

    All I want to present is the writings of Mirza, and with the help of Allah, these Ahmadis can be guided back to the straight path.

  4. My situation is less dire than that of most Ahmadis

    But inshallah, I’ll give some advice on how to leave this cult peacefully and gradually.

    I may give book recommendations!!!! I know

    Stay tuned

  5. from what I’ve seen it’s very difficult and frustrating to even argue or discuss controversial topics with your peers, don’t really think it will make any difference…

  6. Do u mean Ahmadis?

    Yeah kind of. But I talked to an Ex-Ahmadi recently, and he told me to carry on this endeavour as it will be sadaqah gariya. This is for the coming generation and not the ones living now. The ones living now only see food and power in front of them, sod it if its killing lives and talent, at the end of the day, they are fed and clothed by the social welfare of this community.

    Another ex-Ahmadi also told me that an Ahmadi friend of his disbelieved in Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, and made erroneous jokes about him. Then shortly after, he decided to go back on his previous position. The reason was ‘I went to Jalsa Salana, and I was inspired by the story of converts’. Really, that was just a cop out for his own cowardness and flaws. May Allah forgive him.

    I had many incidents similar too. Where Ahmadis got so close to leaving, but due to social pressure, were unable to make the huge leap. So Ahmadiyyat is a cult family, and that’s it really. Nothing more, and nothing less.

    Some Ahmadis just don’t want the truth. Its easy to see Ahmadiyyat is wrong from my blog posts, or just using the intellect that Allah has bestowed us with. I’m not going to waste my time with these people, because deep down, they know Ahmadiyyat is wrong, but they fight it with ignorance and stubbornness, they’re not willing to change, they’re not willing to say ‘I’m wrong’.

    Surviving a cult is not easy. I know many people who when they realised Ahmadiyyat was wrong gave up on religion and faith as an entity. I truly believed I was on the straight path when I was an Ahmadi, but when truth came, I had to swallow it. That truth might get stuck in some people’s throats and choke them to death. Either it can break you, or make you great. I’ve seen people transformed after leaving. I was left a sceptic for a long time, and it was by the grace of Allah that I was able to get back on the path. A lot of Ahmadis who see the faults in Ahmadiyyat just move away, they stop being active and just call themselves ‘Muslims’, because its difficult for someone not interested in theology to comprehend who is right in all this madness.

    But what can we do? All we can do is pray and try hard, at the end of the day, most people are in dismay, and its up to Allah to guide whomever is deserving.

  7. Your work is amazing..I’m trying my best to organise Hani Tahir to come to my masjid and give a talk about why He left Ahmediyyat. He has killed off all the so called logic that these people claim to have. The problem is Ahmadis have it easy to discredit Islam as most of the people believe in Brawelism which is simply flawed. This makes its easier for them to portray themselves as moderate and progressive Muslims. Follow the Book and Sunnah and the cult is shown for what it really is. A cult.

  8. Hi, could you please answe the point of this revealved sermon these ahmadis speak about saying that on the 11th April 1900 it was revealved and 2 of his companions wrote it down and many people accepted ahmadiyyat as a result and was published in 1901, was this another fabrication made up and taken from somwhere or is this as they claim because they claim it was a miracle and a sign of his truth. Please reply.

  9. Yes sir

    Do not grief

    U may have already witnessed the colossal fabrications this community has done. So this is just another one.

    This ‘divine’ khutbah that he gave is a fabricated story for two reasons.

    The first is that this khutbah was not published in the newspapers as soon as it was given. It was only a year after that Ahmadis remembered they had to publish it. If this divine khutbah was so important, why didn’t you publish it straight after? They owned a weekly publication of which they wrote Mirza’s conversations and all sorts. So why didn’t they publicise this great khutbah then?

    Also, (second reason) they claim that Abdul kareem and Noor uddin were the ones sitting besides MGA writing down everything he was saying. If this story was so true, then where are the original papers?

    They don’t have the original papers of the khutbah even though it was written by two men who were the closest to Mirza.

    For me, MGA just gave a sermon, and then one year later, they decided to fabricate and say it was a divine khutbah of which both Abdul Kareem and Nooruddin wrote

    That’s why I despise Lahoris and Nooruddin. Because all of them were seeing the disasters of Mirza, but continued to not only support him, but lie and continue lying for the sake of their idol Mirza.

  10. Supposedly, he delivered it in Arabic.

    The real story might’ve been that he memorised a page in Arabic and delivered it in 1900. Since no Ahmadi cared to publicise it in their ‘badr’ publication, nor do we have the original source of it, we have to suggest that it was made up.

    The truth is in any case, a year later, his companions either modified his khutbah, or completely made it up.

  11. Hi its me again the one who asked you about the Khutbah Ilhamiyya i saw a recent video of hani Tahir where he makes a full video about this could you please summarise his points he said :

  12. Note, this is not my translation, but a summery by someone. There’s nothing new, the previous two points I have already outlined, one being the fact that it was published more than a year after, and the second is not preserving the written lecture


    on the above video brother hani says that the pm-as delivered a sermon on eid aladha on 11/04/1900, where
    jamaat says that it was revealed to him in Arabic and had two writers nour ud-Din and Abdul karim and the pm-as
    asked them to stop him at any time if they are not sure about a certain word or a letter. brother hani says that
    the sermon was published in the Arabic tadhkirah but not in the Urdu tadhkirah. he says that the pm-as delivered
    the sermon in Urdu with few sentences and expressions in Arabic, and when people exaggerated about the high
    quality of the Arabic words, the pm-as decided to write a long text with attractive expressions which he attributed
    to god. it was 5 pages, 2100 words. brother hani says that if the pm-as really delivered that long sermon it would have
    been considered the biggest miracle, not at his time; rather, at all times in the history of the whole world. he says, we
    never heard that any prophet had delivered a 5 page sermon like that from god in a foreign language.

    brother hani says, why the pm-as did not publish the sermon in al-hakam for a whole year, he (hani) searched al-hakam
    for 1901 and he did not find a trace of that sermon. he says, where are the two copies written by the two writers.
    brother hani says that the pm-as decided after a year to write a whole sermon in Arabic and people believed that this was
    the original sermon delivered a year ago, which initially was only few sentences in Arabic.

    after the above introduction, brother hani devotes a long portion of the video showing the weakness and errors in the Arabic
    language being used and shows how the correct ones should be; as well, he says that the sermon lacked the depth of knowledge,
    lacked the objectivity for any social or moral ….. knowledge.

  13. Please send the video of him i would like to see what he says and please translate it or send me the points so i can read it.

  14. I won’t be there. I won’t be in the country then. If there is a recording I can get my hands on, I’ll send it to u.

    But the topic is ‘how to invite/bring back Ahmadis.

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