Mirza’s vile, abusive and dirty language

Deeeeeep breaths. IN and OUT. Innnnnn and outtttttt

Surprisingly enough, I was thinking of ending this blog. I mean, Ahmadis know Ahmadiyyat is false, well, most of them do, and so I was thinking of maybe not posting so often. But recently, an Ahmadi boosted my morale by pissing me off, so here we go again.

Since most people don’t care about theology, let’s just get to the juicy part, and this should be among the most powerful ones. Ahmadi Arabs are leaving in droves currently. Hani Tahir has been uploading daily, and now has 50 or more videos up. He’s destroying Ahmadiyyat in every way possible, from every angle, and his videos seem to be getting better and better.

And so this video and a few before it made quite a few Ahmadis quit due to the colossal embarrassment they were hit by. I was so happy due to its impact, so I decided to present some of the vile, and disgustingly awful language of Mirza in his Arabic books. He says

The right and the right I say, there is no rhythmic book like the book of our Lord…. But he who is without it, he is not short of blemish and short coming…… So if you find an excerpt from someone like them, you will find words which are like a soft and bright cheek, but you will find another excerpt like a short and snub nose. And if you find for example two balanced rhythmic lines like the ass of a woman, you will find synonymous a man’s ass, its structure broken and moved, and it didn’t remain balanced. (Roohani Khazain vol 16, Lujjat Nur, page 132)

I’m speechless. I don’t actually know what to say about this. Such dirt and degeneracy from a man claiming to be the representative of God is beyond intellect. How can you mix the two, and where the hell is his mind going when he is talking about the eloquence of the Quran.

Talking of dirt and filth, this is what comes out of his mouth when he’s talking about Mullahs.

The meaning of the beast of the earth is the evil scholars ……They preach to people from their anus and not from their mouth, it means you will not find purity, blessings and straightening in their words. (Hamamatul Bushra)

Okay, moving from dirt, to even more vile speech, this is what he says about Muslims and the rejecters of his message.

I produced compilations in these various debates, and useful publications, including my book ‘Barahin’…. And I have other books which are similar in perfection, some of it: Eyeliner, illustration, removal, conquer of Islam, and another book I wrote before all these which is called “obsessions defended’, and this very useful for those who want to see the good of Islam, and stop the mouth of offenders. Those books are looked upon with the eyes of love and affection and benefits from its knowledge, and everyone accepts me and believes my call, except the children of prostitutes whose hearts have been sealed by God (Roohani Khazain: Vol 5, P: 547-548)

It was so calm and collective at first. He even advised Muslims to read the Barahin which he alleged to contain 300 arguments defending Islam. He even advised us to read the ‘eyeliner’ in which he talks about animals inhabiting the sun. But then just to finish it off nicely and calmly, he calls all Muslims ‘children of prostitutes’.

He uses the words ‘children of prostitutes’, or ‘prostitutes’ many times in his writings. For example, in a poetic reply to Molvi Abdul Haq Ghaznavi regarding the failure of the prophecy of Atham, he says

“And in the case of Atham you are mentioning the curse of people 
 Make sure people have always cursed the pious ones 
And people are blind that they start abusing quickly 
thus their curse O Ibne Ahmaq (Son of Stupid) is nothing 
O the one who is afflicted with cursed, leave the mentioning of curse 
 did you not see that after BAKWAAS (useless talk) what has happened to you 

You cursed me and God curse you on your face
and curse is God’s curse
And I do not see in you knowledge and intelligence
and you attack like a pig and make noise like a donkey
And you danced like a prostitute dances in a gathering
and declared me Faasiq although you are the most faasiq”

(Roohani Khazain vol.12 p.234-235)

But Ahmadis have used their jihad of the pen to regard ‘children of prostitutes’ as metaphoric. So their best answer to this argument presented is ‘he used it metaphorically’.

Okay, even if he called the entire world, or Muslims ‘children of prostitutes’ in the metaphoric sense, is that appropriate?

It has to be noted that he said this in 1893. So only two years after declaring his Messiahship, and according to his son, he was still not a prophet until 1901, he called all Muslims ‘children of prostitutes’. Are those morals? Let alone morals of a prophet!!!

Also, when he was addressing other faith groups, he was still as harsh, if not, even harsher. But enough of swear words and obscene content; let’s just see how he normally talks.

Addressing the Sikhs, he says

Then you are not cowards like the Hindus, but you are courageous people, so I hope you accept this way of governance (announcement 18/04/1897)

So Hindus are now apparently all cowards.

Anyhow, you can now tell why I want to move away from all this rubbish. It’s up to you Ahmadis to make your decision.

Do you want to carry on following this man?

Or will you return back to the message of our beloved Muhammad (sas)?

And just a quick notice; I don’t have any hatred in my heart towards Ahmadis. I feel deep sympathy for them, because they were once my closest friends, and they only inherited this grave mistake from their forefathers. The ones I’ve talked to know very well Ahmadiyyat is false, but there’s not much they can do about it.

I pray that Allah makes it easy on the deserving to leave this cult safely.



29 thoughts on “Mirza’s vile, abusive and dirty language

  1. “they only inherited this grave mistake from their forefathers”

    Well dude, I still study IslamAhmadiyyat myself and I know very well the lies of Mullahs and ex ahmadis ;).

    You have no clue about IslamAhmadiyyat like Bash 😛

  2. @bushra
    didnt Quran and Hadith use hard words against the opponents? Allah sends more than billions curse on disbleiver
    Better read first Quran and Hadith and then talk with us

  3. I do understand where you are coming from. In my research, I have to admit that there are verses in the Quran that are harsh unto the Kuffar.

    Excuse me if I mess up here, but since starting my journey on studying Islam. I have come across ‘asbab al nuzool’ which are the causes of revelation. So if Allah called the kuffar in harshness, it may have been in most context to do with a particular event or aimed at one person or a group.

    But in the instance of Mirza. Things are out of order massively. He called all Muslims children of prostitutes only two years after declaring he was the Messiah. Is that wise?

    So does the Quran call all Kuffar who reject the holy prophet children of prostitutes?

    The Sunna of Rasul ullah (sas) is very well documented. People didn’t complain about his foul language. Rather his best friend Abu Bakir (ra) was very well respected in the tribe.

    Comparing that to Mirza, u get a whole different platform. Mirza was extremely boastful. He made over 100 death threats in his lifetime. Everyone around him complained about his obsessiveness and foul language. And he justified it by the Quran like you are doing now. Sometimes the speech of Allah may be harsh, but the seerah of Rasul ullah (sas) was far from that.

    Our Rasul (sas) didn’t make over 100 death threats and dream of destructive diseases and earthquakes day and night. Mirza was taken to court in 1899 along with Maulvi Batalvi. They were both instructed not to use foul language and death threats against each other. After that, Mirza’s death threats reduced massively, but his constant brag about diseases and earthquakes continued.

    The above are just a small excerpt of his foul language. I could bring you pages, that’s just how he talks.

    I cannot talk for history, let history talk for itself. One man was deemed the most influential and revolutionary in world history; and the other a heretic among all those who have failed to create any difference in the world.

    Let he and his followers be cast into the dustbin of history.

  4. The article is very good and covers the general behavioral language of MGAQ. Here mirzas famous poem regarding hindu lalas and their wives charactors is missing. Mirza has gone to the extent saying that these women out sexual lust keep eyes on young boys. Moreover, in some other place mirza says my opponents are pigs and their women are worse than bitches.

  5. “So does the Quran call all Kuffar who reject the holy prophet children of prostitutes?”

    Mirza Sahib didnt call anyone as children of prostitutes? this is your misunderstanding, more ever we find this in Quran

    [68:14] Ill-mannered and, in addition to that, of doubtful birth

    Your whole issue is replied many times, thats why I dont want to waiste my time here.

  6. @ Sultan

    So you blame the Quran again? So why doesnt Masroor call all of us as sons of prostitutes?

    And your argument contradicts itself…you claim that its in the Quan, but they you still purposely mis-translate MGA.. smh.

  7. @ Bash

    dude I dont blame Quran, this is taught u by your mullahs, that Ahmadi Muslims hate Quran/Hadith.
    I only showed you, that Promised Messiah (as) followed the sunnat of Quran and hadith to show the opponents their true face.
    The problem with ppl like you is lacke knowlege of Quran/Hadith and islamic history of course.

    Mullahs are busy to attack Imam Mahdi (as), but forget he was who defended Islam, when no mullah couldnt reply, even your present mullahs accept that.

  8. I’m not sure if that’s even a reply. U haven’t even tackled any of the quotes I gave above, but u have time to say Mullah four times in under 5 lines.

    But are u suggesting calling opponents ‘bitches’, and Muslims ‘sons of prostitutes’, and writing one thousand curses along with other 10’s of curses hand written in various books wise? Are u suggesting we call our opponents sons of prostitutes? Are u suggesting it’s acceptable for Masroor Ahmad to say that, or write a letter with one thousand curses in it. Why doesn’t Masroor Ahmad send death threats to his opponents?

    I call u guys Ahmadis out of respect despite all your silly and highly annoying sentences like ‘True Islam’ ‘True Muslims’ ‘Khalifa of Islam’ when u guys haven’t done an atom’s weight in the history of mankind.

    If u don’t have an answer, get back in the box and stop shaming yourself in front of everyone.

    And why do u refer to our religious leaders and shuyookh as Mullahs. Is that a another derogative term u use to distance yourself from us Muslims?

    Is Mufti Menk a Mullah?

    Is Hamza Yusuf a Mullah?

    Is Nouman Ali Khan a Mullah?

    Is Yasir Qadhi a Mullah?

    Is everyone that disagrees with u a Mullah. I’m pretty sure most of the above religious spokesmen believe u guys are kafir, some even said it like Hamza Yusuf. Are u suggesting they are all Mullah? Because the last time I checked, a lot of Ahmadis follow these Mullahs and find inspiration from their lectures.

  9. “Ahmadi Arabs are leaving in droves currently”.

    Kindly give a exact number of how many Ahmadi Arabs have left the Qadiani community?

  10. Hmmm. From what I saw, and I’m sure there are more. 2 from Lebanon. 4+ from Algeria. And at least 10 from Egypt

    The thing is with Arab Ahmadis is that they leave but they don’t announce. Hani Tahir has managed to expose everything u can think of, so the shame and guilt is shattering them at the moment.

    Generally speaking, there would be no future for Arab Ahmadis, and their kids will no longer adhere to Ahmadiyyat when they grow up. There are no Jalsa Salanas in any Arabic speaking countries, and that should tell u plenty about their numbers. Hani Tahir’s videos aren’t for the people know, but for the generation to come.

  11. The meaning of the beast of the earth is the evil scholars ……They preach to people from their anus and not from their mouth, it means you will not find purity, blessings and straightening in their words. (Hamamatul Bushra)

    pleasee could you show which page, trying to find it!

  12. Can u read Arabic?

    This is my translation of the Arabic text presented by Hani Tahir.

    I don’t think u can find it in English, and if u did, they would have translated it differently

  13. The Arabic term he used in Aina kamalat-i-Islam which you wrongly translate as “children of prostitutes” is “dhurriatul-baghaya”. He is:

    (1) not addressing those who reject his claim but those who reject/disapprove of his invitation to Islam. This would’ve been clear had you bothered to read the whole passage.

    (2) the term “dhurriatul-baghaya” is a classical Arabic idiom connoting those who are misguided and oppose the truth. the same meaning is implied here. It would only mean prostitutes or illegitimate birth if it is used in reference to physical intercourse which is not the case here. “Baghyi” is a term that appears many times in the Qur’an and never means prostitution. Also used in every Jummah sermon by Muslims in accordance with the Sunnah, where the same meaning is conveyed, of transgression, rebellious.

    (3) Imam Bakir (as) has also used this term with reference to those who opposed the Ahl al-bayt and level false allegations against them, saying: “By Allah, all those people are “awlad al-baghaya” except our party [the shia]” – Furu al-kafi, kitab al-rawda, p.135.

    Abu Hanifa(rh) states: “he who accuses her [A’isha] of adultery is an offspring of adulterers (waldu-zina) – kitab al-wassiyya, 39.

    What is to be made of these references? would you take them literally too. You would probably not approve of this comment but let this be a lesson to you. If you wish to criticise Ahmadiyyat, do so honestly and accurately. Not egotistically.

  14. Wasallam

    (1) So it’s not those who reject him, but those who refuse his invitation to Islam? Sounds the same to me. What kind of Islam has he got in offer for us?

    Nice try, but u can’t pull one off like that. I clearly translated the passage. Unless you show me how my translation is wrong, and how your understanding of ‘rejecting his invitation to Islam’ (even though he was talking to Muslims) is any way different than mine, then we’ll see how things go.

    (2) hold your horses for a second. You threw out the baby with the bathwater. Where’s your reference? Where is your evidence? Where in the sermon do we use ‘sons of prostitutes?’. These are big claims your making. Again, don’t make a claim and not explain it properly, and think that a naive Ahmadi will take that as an answer. The word baghyi is used in the Quran as far as I understand, but that’s in the context of having a child without marriage. The word in itself is not offensive if your saying the child is illegitimate if she/he is.

    (3) I’m not aware of Imam Bakir saying that. If he called everyone opposing Ahl al Bayt for the sake of it ‘sons of prostitutes’, then that’s unequivocally wrong, and my Shia brothers and sisters would oppose this kind of talk. But if he said it in a context, and aimed it at certain people who were fanatics, then it can be excused to a certain extent. Again, with Imam Abu Hanifa (rh), he’s reacting to the grave accusation that Aisha (ra) was accused of adultery. Whoever put that accusation on her deserves these harsh words to be sent on them because they were the ones who started this rumour. It’s like someone calling the sahabah ‘dogs’, and a sahabi out of emotion replies with ‘no, you are the dogs’, I don’t see this as something remotely offensive. The insult is very harsh and offensive, that’s already known, and this insult should not be used, but in some cases, aimed at one person or another, for their own mischievous behaviour is not extremely problematic.

    There’s no such thing as metaphorically or literally. Nobody means it literally, it’s supposed to be an insult. And if you want to test its severity, then go to the Arab world and tell someone ‘ibne baghyi’ and see if you come back in one piece; and don’t forget to tell him it’s metaphoric!

    And one more thing. Mirza Masroor in his khitab to the Arabs should have said ‘MTA3 has been running for over 5 years now, and many watch it and are joining, and those who are not joining us are sons of prostitutes (metaphorically)’. Try that next time Akhi. Masroor Ahmad would be in prison in under 24 hours.

    And you saying ‘you would probably not approve of this comment’ and ‘let this be a lesson for you’. You sound like an educated man, what do you think of the loss of 160 million Ahmadis in under five years?

    And oh, don’t reply tribally please.

  15. (1) Even a cursory glance at the passage would show he is not speaking of his own claims, but his services in the cause of Islam, inviting to Islam those Hindus and Christians who reject it. This comes across even in the small part you mistranslate above. He is saying all accept and testify to this invitation (da’wati) except the “dhurriyyatul baghaya” (i.e. the rebellious). There is no mention of his own claim. Moreover, this meaning is also clear from the words that follow: “whose hearts have been sealed by God”. Also your “translation” is patently wrong because just some pages before in the same book he states “ever since I attained the age of maturity and I was enabled to write a book, it was my heartfelt desire to invite the opponents to Islam to the radiant religion of Allah” (p.388-9) and then he even addresses the Queen advising her to look upon her Muslim subjects with special affection and honour them with high positions (p.535). The whole passage is contextually linked. If you know Arabic, read the original pages again. To then go on to call Muslims children of prostitutes would be entirely out of place. In fact, to say he meant “children of prostitutes” is itself an insult. It is you who insult him.

    You’ve not “clearly translated the passage”, you’ve ripped a passage out of its proper context and mistranslated it, apparently without any knowledge of the idiomatic use of such terms in classical Arabic and in religious terminology. If you would translate the term “ibn al-sabeel” for example, idiomatically as ‘the wayfarer’ or ‘the traveler’ and not literally as the ‘son of the way’, you can’t insist on translating “dhurriayyatul-Baghaya” as ‘children of prostitutes’.

    (2) I never said we use the term ‘sons of prostitutes’ in sermons but that we use the word “baghyi” which is the same word used in the above passage and which you (not me) translate as prostitutes. Your premise that “baghyi” always denotes ‘prostitutes’ or ‘unchasteness’ is evidently wrong and is impairing your understanding. The root BA GHAYN YA appears 96 times in the Qur’an in 8 derived forms and usually means rebellion or transgression. Here is the reference:


    Now, this should also clarify the use of such terms by Imam Bakir(as) and Imam Abu Hnifa(rh) i.e. not literally as ‘sons of prostitutes/adulterers’ but in the idiomatic sense, meaning ‘rebellious’ or ‘transgressors’, people who are in their very nature like Iblis. If you’ve ever been to the mosque on Jummah you’d be aware that the Arabic part of the sermon contains the recitation of the words: “inna-Allaha ya’muru bil adli wal-iḥsani wa itaʾidhil-qurba, wa yanh anil-faḥ’shaʾi wal-munkari wal-baghyi” that is: “verily Allah commands you to deal with justice, and kindness and kinship, and he forbids you from indecency, forbidden things and baghyi”. Now you would you translate this as “forbidden things and prostitution”?

    Look at what you’re saying above with reference to the aʼimmah I quoted. You’re now justifying the literal use of the term as “children of prostitutes/adulterers” as being acceptable in certain contexts, while I have only been justifying its idiomatic use in certain contexts. Note that I don’t dispute the pejorative meaning of “baghyi” in its colloquial use. I dispute the decontextualised application of this colloquial use to its meaning in religious terms.

    Had you been righteous in your criticisms you would not waste time in repeating such foolish attacks.

  16. There seems to be a lot of personal attacks and judgments directed at me. Let’s keep this civil please

    Well done for getting the prize of ‘commenting on a language you don’t even speak’

    The word baghy means oppression, the word baghyy means adulterer. These are two different words.

    So my translation is correct.

    And think about it bro, how can you call someone ‘son of an oppressor’.

    Jeeez. Do a little research before u answer.

  17. You freely abuse the founder of Ahmadiyyat throughout this site, call Ahmadis “dumb” in another one of your posts and ask others to keep it civil. Was that supposed to be a joke?

    The words “baghy” and “baghyy” are simply different forms of the same root word “baghaa’ ” (Ba-Ghayn-Ya). Nothing said above contradicts that. You ignore the central point: when used in classical religious discourse expressions such as “dhurriyat/abna/awlad al-baghaya” are always idiomatic connoting the ‘rebellious’, ‘transgressors’ and misguided in moral and religious terms, and never ‘children of prostitutes’, unless it’s used in the context of actual physical birth from illicit relationships which is certainly not the case here. Just as “ibn al-sabeel” means ‘traveller’ and not ‘son of the way’; or “ibn al-dinar” means ‘stingy’ and not ‘son of the dinar’. This is especially the case since he (as) qualifies the expression himself as referring to those “whose hearts Allah has sealed”, clarifying that he’s referring to a spiritual condition. How can you overlook that? Moreover, elsewhere, he has himself translated the term “ibn bigha’ ” as ‘rebellious man’ (Al-Hakam, Volume 11, No. 7, 24 February 1907, p. 13).

    In the face of this, to insist in translating it in a way that not only belies the context but is also against common sense is outright mischief. A man calling people to accept him would not address them as ‘children of prostitutes’.

    Besides, it appears ‘prostitutes’ is not the only meaning of the word “baghaya”. According to the Arabic dictionary Taj al-Arus, under the word one of its meanings is given as “muqadamatul-jaish” i.e. a ‘vanguard’ of an army; and Al Munjid dictionary also gives one of its meanings as ‘the leading part of an army’. Similarly, the word “dhurriyya” can also mean followers, folk generally and not physical progeny, just as the Holy Quran states with the reference to the “Aal” of Pharaoh being drowned, it doesn’t mean his physical “Aal” but his army or people. His physical family were at home. In this case it would translate as “all acknowledge my invitation except the “dhurriyatul baghaya” i.e. “those people who are blind followers of their religious leaders or under the influence of their leaders”.

  18. I call people dumb due to a context. I insult Mirza Ghulam Ahmad due to his writings, and not mere speculations. U suddenly without knowing Arabic dropped in the fact that I’m not religious. I’m being humble here in the fact that I’m being patient on someone who is blindly throwing in anything without research to protect a man not worth speaking of.

    Okay, if MGA thought ibn bagha means rebellious men. Then that’s his fault due to his own ignorance of the Arabic language.

    If u wanna be mystical and translate this as metaphoric or spiritual, go ahead, the doors are open.

    But don’t come here and say baghyi has more than one meaning. This isn’t moral philosophy here. Arabic speaking people know very well what an ibn baghy is; so please give it a rest already and stop trying to find more than one meaning as you clearly failed above.

    But you know what, let’s let this one through. It seems you read a few of my blogs, and you have been keeping up with a lot of my writings.

    So far, I’ve written 29 blog posts, with over 30,000 words, mostly quotations of MGA and his followers. But here you are struggling to answer one quote out of countless ones.

    You know what’s that like. It’s like me demolishing an entire house with a massive bulldozer. And then you running down to it, and pointing to one standing brick in the ground and saying ‘look, that brick is still up, therefore…..’

    Why this incapability dear boy? Don’t you feel bad you could only answer one quote of your beloved prophet and Messiah and Mehdi?

    I asked you about the numbers above and you completely ignored it.

    Can u at least admit your community has been faking convert numbers for over a century to fool innocent ahmadis?

    Why don’t you answer the failed prophecy of the supposed son after Mubarak Ahmad. Answer the failed prophecy with Atham.

    Answer the lie in the prophethood along with the contradictions that led in his community.

    Answer those shall you, just one or two maybe…..

    But you can’t

    I almost feel sorry for you, but you know what, some people just don’t have it in them. There will always be people too scared to speak up, too scared to challenge injustice, and too afraid to do what’s right.

    Oh well, we will all get our judgement one day.

    And hopefully, these innocent ahmadis who have been protected/maintained by ignorant people would not be held accountable for their inherited loss.

  19. The above response is pure deflection.

    If you think by this (or any other site) you have demolished “an entire house” then I leave you to elate in your ignorance. The house is very much standing and expanding by the grace of Allah.

    Carry on!

  20. Qadiyaniyo if you love your so called massih then pleas must read poetry in the front of your family as well as your family must read it day and night. The poetry written in his book (اریہ دھرم، ص75،76، مندرجہ روحانی خزائن جلد 10،، ص75، 176 اژمرژا قادیانی)

    chupky chupky haram kerwana
    Ariyon ka asool bhaari hai
    zan begaana per ye sheeda hain
    jisko dekho wo shikaari hai
    ghair mardon sy mangna nutfaa
    sakht khabs aor nabakaari hai
    ghair k saath jo ky sooti hai
    wo na bewi zan bazaari hai,….

    baki ap khud perh lein.. is namard ki..

  21. There is no incident of Prophets calling those who dont believe them as bastards. Quran uses lanat not foul invectives and lanat does not mean goon language on mothers but a state where mercy is denied.Mirza was a gangster of the first order. Lanat on him and those who support him.

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