They say we Muslims are illogical

From now on, due to workload, but mainly because I’m not in the mood, and I can’t be wasting my time on such a useless community, I’ve decided to blog weekly. Every Sunday, there should be a blog coming out inshallah.

I know I’ve changed topic slightly, but this should be a treat for everyone. Forgetting theology for a second, I’m going to focus on a bit of, well… I’m not going to say, but let’s just focus on a comparison between the claims of Ahmadis, and their reality. As I was delving into the deep mysteries of Ahmadiyya Islam, I stumbled upon a video. This was an episode of ‘faith matters’, where the scholars of Ahmadiyyat, AKA True Islam, and true logic, and just about true in anything and everything tackle the Muslim world, in order to bring back the lost renaissance and the good old golden age. So while I was listening, I noticed one of the speakers eloquently, and brilliantly smearing the Muslim Ummah, and its entire history with absolute NONSENSE. He starts this unprofessional, un-academic, and irrational rant after the ninth minute as he says…  

 “One of the great differences between us and the other Muslims is that we hold on to common sense and logic, whereas other Muslims will believe in illogical things like a human being can go up into space, and that also Allah is up there as well, because he’s going up to Allah, that means Allah is in space somewhere. It doesn’t stand the test of reason. They believe in things like for example a camel can walk out of a rock for example. They believe in things like a jin, some mythical creature, invisible can enter into the body of somebody, and can be pounded out by some Mullah jumping up on top of the body. So they believe in things like that, it is not logical, it is not common sense, and so the difference between us and the other interpretations of Islam which we find out there is that; we hold onto the logical explanation, whereas other Muslims often fall into an illogical unreasonable, and a nonsensical interpretation of things, not only Islamic, but other things as well. That’s a major difference”

So yeah, we get it guys, you have true Islam, you are the renaissance, you guys got it right, only true justice and peace can be established through your Hazoor. The founder of your community was the one who crushed Christianity to bits, and killed the filthy swine. He was the Mujadid, the promised Messiah, Mehdi, Khalifa, Prophet, second coming of Krishna and mirror of Rasul ullah (sas). Everything I could ever imagine, you guys have it, and you know what, you’re the most logical community I have every come across; especially during the reign of Mirza Tahir Ahmad where extraordinary ‘things’ took place.

But hold on a moment. I stumbled across an interview done by the very person who said what he said above. And boy oh boy, the logic dripping out of the mouth of Mirza Tahir Ahmad when this logical man was interviewing him, is something worthwhile indeed.

It wasn’t like Mirza Tahir Ahmad was the one being boastful, it was the interviewer and the people surrounding him who were making the dream a reality.

Just to give you a taste, I will pick out three examples from this report (Tariq Magazine) to show the logic by which they ought to lead us with.


We would sometimes ask Huzur really private questions, which he preferred not to answer, although he would sometimes relent, allowing us an insight to Huzur the person. One such question was about his encounters with Jinn. Huzur said that during one night he had seen a Jinn change the blade of his razor. Huzur saw this happening but he could not move during the incident. The next morning he saw the blades really had been changed and that it wasn’t a dream after all. Huzur really believed that Jinn were not only what we interpreted them to be in the wider sense of the term, but also those creatures which we don’t understand, that we may brush against from time to time

Logic? Or common sense? Or nonsensical? I don’t know about Jinn possession, but waaaaw, a jinn, the size of man enters the room of Mirza Tahir and changes his blades. It turns out they’re good after all. It’s interesting though, they say we are stupid for believing in jinn, yet Mirza Tahir and his followers contradicted their own official position on the Jinn; in that it being a hidden creature, and not invisible beings. Anyhow, let’s jump to the next one


Another very intriguing thing about Huzur , which many had suspected during programmes, was his telepathy. Sometimes people would feel that they were thinking about something and suddenly Huzur would leave what he was doing, look at them and say something which had to do with what they were thinking about. So one day we plucked up the courage to ask the question, even though we knew the answer could change the way we would be around Huzur for ever! We asked Huzur if he had telepathic powers. He replied: “Yes, I do to a degree.” However, he stated that he couldn’t detect all thoughts of a person, as only Allah could do that, but there were certain thoughts that he could catch. He explained that he could sometimes even pick up on the state of people’s hearts whilst leading the prayers in the mosque.

So we have telepathy in the bag too. Apparently, he can sense what’s in the heart of people while praying. Logic? Or common sense?


Huzur had related two dreams that he saw, in which he had seen that he was in Africa going to a place called Dakar. At the time he did not know where that was. Dakar is the capital of Senegal. He also saw French Africa was accepting Ahmadiyyat in great numbers, at a time when there was hardly a trickle coming into our Jama’at. Now the situation has radically changed. Millions are joining every year.

One thing that sticks in my mind is how things Huzur would say or wish for quickly came to pass. During one session Huzur was asked a question on the Holy Qur’an, at which point he said he was reminded of Abdul Rahman Sahib, the Somalian brother known for always asking questions on verses of the Holy Qur’an. Huzur said that the questioner was following Abdul Rahman’s tradition and that we should all pray that he should come back quickly to the UK. In fact he was stuck in Somalia after travelling from the UK to see his sick mother. Abdul Rahman Sahib’s life was in danger in his country and he did not really have the required paperwork for his visit.Therefore his return to England seemed improbable. But a few days after this Mulaqat programme, Abdul Rahman Sahib was back in the UK! When Abdul Rahman Sahib was asked how he got back, he said that he simply boarded the plane, arrived at Heathrow and was able to leave the airport without once being asked to show his passport! He was able to attend the very next Liqaa Ma’al Arab programme, three days later! Miracles like these would happen often.

So, he saw a dream about converts, and millions started joining yearly. To be more precise, 81 million in 2001 alone. Also, one person was able to get to the UK from Somalia without his passport being checked. I don’t get how that’s a miracle, or how it’s inspirational, or a good thing. Why didn’t he check if they missed out the passport of his fellow passengers? Was it such a strenuous job to check someone’s passport?

The person who believes someone is capable of telepathy, a jinn changing the blades of a razor, and god knows what other miracles they come across, like the conversion of over 80 million people into Ahmadiyyat in one year. This very person, with ease, and awe, sits down on the money of hard working people lecturing Muslims about illogicality. Splendored!

May Allah protect us


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