Umar Ibn Al-Khattab (ra) VS Mahmud Ahmad

When Ahmadis are faced with some tough decisions, and when they’re faced with embarrassing content from their sources, they use some shameful and pretty damn desperate tactics to avoid the ugly reality. The best and most common method they use to avoid blame and disappointment, is to well, unfortunately, blame it on Islam. When people came to MGA complaining of his foul language, he went searching in the Quran to find some verses which are tough and harsh in tone, so he can say ‘look, see, the Quran is harsh and has some extreme content in’. Similarly, when you show an Ahmadi the thousand curses of Mirza, they run to the hadith to find our beloved cursing. In both, and most, if not all instances, the comparisons are stupendously far out.

Nonetheless, they try so hard (bless their heart) to belittle, smear and insult Islam in order to run away from blame, and to make it out clean. In putting the blame on Islam, they run away from accountability, but most importantly, they feel they’re not bad, and it makes them the best in town because ‘meh, religion is messed up anyway’. This deviance and sanity is most clearly seen in the topic of Takfeer. They start with ‘we have true Islam, and you’re not allowed to say who is Muslim and who is not, because you don’t know what’s in the heart of people’ or sometimes ‘The Mullahs along with their corrupt followers (Muslims) make Takfeer, but we, the true Muslims never fall in such error’. But here’s the catch, if you call us a Kafir, you become a Kafir yourself, and wait for it…….According to Hadith.  So leave that ugly stuff, the unacceptable things to the tradition of our beloved. And when I showed an Ahmadi the Takfeer of MGA, he replied with ‘In the eyes of Allah, he is a kafir’. But don’t you dare call him a Kafir, because Allah might call you a Kafir according to hadith!!!! or don’t say that, because that’s unacceptable, anyway, leave that ugly stuff to our religion! Subhanallah

This is only a drop in the ocean, anything you question them with, either they say ‘well, the same thing applies to Islam’, or ‘can you answer the five thousand accusations against Islam?’ which all comes to show none of them believe in Ahmadiyyat or Islam. Not to despair though, as much as they love doing this, they have run out of examples, and have crossed the line in comparison.

Let’s compare one example just for today, so everyone can have a taste of that ‘true Islam’. We’ve all come across the great example of Umar Ibn Khattab (ra). After the conquest of Jerusalem, Umar (ra) arrived with his servant riding the camel while walking besides him. They had been taking turns on riding the camel throughout the journey, at this time, he was a caliph and on his way to collect the keys after the conquest of Jerusalem. Subhanallah, such a beautiful example of humility.

Now, let’s compare this to the example of absolute obedience, shirk and egotism found in this destructive cult. In the Jalsa of Qadian 2015, a speech was given, I’m not aware of the context, but it’s likely surrounding complete obedience to authority. Anyway, this person reads out from the writings of Mahmud Ahmad

Mahmud Ahmad: I ponder/think all the time, and I say to myself ‘O Allah’, how odd is your will; how you initiated the feeling of love in the people for me. Every time I travelled and rode the horse, a khadim (man 15-40) accompanied me walking on his feet, and when I disembark the horse, he comes to me and massages my feet saying: perhaps you Sir are tired. So I think to myself, I came riding on my horse, and he came on foot, but because of his love to me, it doesn’t occur to him that I came riding on the horse so I won’t be tired, he supposes that he was riding and I was the one walking. Despite my insistence that I am not tired because I came riding, he says to me: you might have become tired, so give me a chance to serve you, and he starts massaging my feet.


Subhanallah, such worship of individuals is beyond me. I don’t have a problem with the khadim walking, or even massaging him at the end. It’s that he narrates it with such pride that bothers me deeply. How dark and full of yourself do you have to be to narrate such an instance, is it something to be proud of? Is there a lesson that should be taken from his example? He’s basically telling people ‘look; see how much people love me, look at his obedience to me’.

Who does that? And why?

It really highlights the deep yearning for status and position that’s intrinsic in this family. While Umar Ibn Khatta (ra) reached Jerusalem with his servant riding the camel, Mahmud Ahmad boasts of the total obedience and worship-like acts of his followers. This was narrated in Jalsa Qadian last year. Essentially, this is the most important, and the only teaching they care about. These are the jewels of ‘True Islam’ straight out of Qadian.

And if you Ahmadis are still not convinced of the inherent shirk (worship of position and status) in your community. Think about it, how come most Ahmadis are still Punjabi?

How come all three Arab students that entered Jamia UK left? How come two Arabs who worked for Ahmadiyyat in top positions left?

Is this a business to benefit the elites, or a community of God?

I would really love to stop blogging; it’s depressing to come across such disappointing sources, but I’m holding my breath for a little longer, for maybe, just maybe, with the will of Allah, a person with a clear heart and a sound mind stumbles upon this.

May Allah guide the lost, help the weak, and ease off our pains.