Hani Tahir and his Impact-An overview

The fires have eaten up the forest, leaving nothing but burnt trees and smoke; as large and as far as the eye can see. The news categorised as breaking, rapid and shocking, unexpected by Ahmadis, yet expected by history, and most certainly expected from a just and honest man. For the day shall come when the sun will shine again, but before the sun climbs back to its initial position , the battles shall be fought by the warriors of Allah, and this battle was undoubtedly destructive, nothing of its like witnessed before, and it shall be recorded in History, and taken by those who choose to study it.

I thought I’d start my blog with spoken word as they call it, but on a serious note, it has been more than three weeks since Hani Tahir announced his exit from Ahmadiyyat, and things have calmed down about now (mainly because Ahmadis have decided to not respond). I’ve decided to not post anymore of his videos because I have University to attend, but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop blogging, I’ve got some more content of my own that will take us up to December, and then I’ll call it a job done.

Now, since Hani Tahir has released his exit video. Ahmadis threatened him with the sort of ‘Allah will destroy you and disgrace you’, even though none of them would have the guts to debate him. Hani Tahir was very clever in his move, he didn’t want them to think he was attacking Ahmadis personally as he said ‘I don’t want any Ahmadi to leave because of me’, he wanted Ahmadis to take their own steps into exiting the cult, and that was very progressive because it allows Ahmadis some space to move and think for their own. Probably the most frightening thing that Ahmadis had in their mind was whether Hani Tahir was going to formulate another sect, or join Lahoris. He didn’t do that, he kept on targeting the founder of the community with no Mercy whatsoever. Hani Tahir being aware of publication dates and linking certain events together left no room for Ahmadis to deceive anyone. His points were direct, precise and straight to the point; there was no time to waste time on petty issues and old arguments.

This made Ahmadis mad, they didn’t know what to do. The world flipped upside down, and it was perpetual war, this was Hani Tahir, the biggest scholar in Ahmadiyyat Jamat leaving, and only a day after, starts releasing videos against Ahmadiyyat!!!

Ahmadis thought they could deter the topic by character assassination, personal attacks and best of all, accusations on his faith and private doings. It was as if they had been compiling his faults and slips in order to expose him when time comes. In this, they were trying their hardest to deter people away from Hani Tahir, but this reactionary and sporadic response really highlighted their cult-minded, family orientated, closed-minded attitude towards opposition. It turns out these guys aren’t good at anything, not even shutting up when someone speaks in a good manner but choses to talk against their religion.

What conquered was marvellous, and all in the favour of Hani Tahir. Normally, Ahmadis would excommunicate a member and mess his life big time, but this time, it was their turn to taste that bitter loss and grief. They were in the spot light now, their sources are exposed to the world, and their lies shown on video in front of thousands. Their true colours started appearing, true Ahmadiyyat had finally shown its true face, but this time, they had finally started doing some real research into the lies they’ve been brought up to believe. One Jamia student told me ‘Hani Tahir is teaching us a lot about Ahmadiyyat’ and that was exactly the case, there was no more hiding, it was all out. The response of Ahmadis was as bitter as you might expect, only the desperate would find anything convincing in what they were spewing. This however did make a lot of Ahmadis think, as they compared each side of the videos, and saw how Ahmadis were screaming and insulting compared to Hani Tahir, something did change, and I’ve heard some Pakistani Ahmadis writing to Masroor Ahmad informing him of the ill-natured and immaturity of the responses. I’ve had Ahmadis tell me personally they hear nothing but insults in the videos. After the praise on Muhammad (pbuh) and the false prophet MGA, they just start insulting immediately, that’s the only good thing they’re good at.

Hani Tahir on the other hand doesn’t take out two minutes of his time to answer their pathetic responses. He knows there wouldn’t be any response, and I’m surprised they even responded to the guy who read 20 times more books than they have. I guess they were desperate, and rather than saying we have no answers, they chose to humiliate themselves in such a sickening manner. A lot of Ahmadis, even Pakistanis here were tired of their approach, they call Hani Tahir a liar in each video, and spend tens of minutes wasting time talking about everything but the argument presented. That didn’t stop despite complaints by Ahmadis, they were deeply hit by what had just happened, and they were desperate in doing whatever to avoid losing supporters.

Hani Tahir released daily for over 25 days. There was optimist or some sort of hope at the beginning when Ahmadis thought Hani had nothing to bring but contradictions. I even had Ahmadis on twitter join in the debate by throwing ill-informed arguments. That however soon went, suddenly, just like that, all Ahmadis retreated from debates or visiting my page. After Hani Tahir started debunking prophesies, there wasn’t a single Ahmadi in sight, everything became strict and Ahmadis were fighting for their last breath. Facebook and Youtube comments were already disabled from the go, but now, the real police state had initiated. Soon enough, Ahmadis were told to not participate in this, and if Ahmadis had any doubts, they should call the centre as soon as possible. This tactic didn’t work obviously, it’s like an Ahmadi would actually call up the centre to talk about his doubts, and I think if some naïve person did that, they would be at his door with his bay’ah terminated.

The people that were debating me on Twitter had vanished, and I was left with two or three guys who were haters of Ahmadiyyat and Islam. One Ahmadi unable to answer anything I post renounced Islam (anonymously) and started attacking Muhammad (pbuh) to make me feel as insecure about Islam as he was. I had realised by then that most Ahmadis don’t believe in Ahmadiyyat, they’ve been hit so many times, and their history is filled with loss and disappointment, so they’re sick of it, and some of them are willing to insult Islam in the name of protecting their honour and families.

There’s one thing for sure though, any Ahmadi who has read my blogs and seen the videos of Hani Tahir along with the responses will hundred percent, without hesitation be shaken, and would renounce Ahmadiyyat in his/her heart. I’ve had Ahmadis emailing me, who are Muslim but can’t leave the cult at the moment, other Ahmadis left from my blogs, and I’m sure many have left, but due to their circumstances have decided to act Ahmadi. Naturally, Ahmadis had a defensive attitude to this, and although some might seem angry now, soon enough, months or years down the line, they will return to their senses and would realise there was no point in defending such a useless community. Many more would leave not now, but later on just to cover their inconsistency with discovering the massive flaws in Ahmadiyyat.

I was speaking to an Ahmadi who was really open minded before the incident took place, and I had hope in him leaving, but after what happened, he closed both his eyes and brain, and changed drastically just to protect his clan from the attacks. It has to be taken into account that Ahmadis don’t read the books of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, they rely on obedience and close mindedness to keep the sheep together. However, the exit of Hani Tahir has affected every single Ahmadi around the world, and I’m sure Ahmadis would’ve lost the little faith they had in Ahmadiyyat being progressive or true. I did feel a deep sense of defeat among some Ahmadis who talked to me in the aftermath. So this is definitely a big black dot in the history of Ahmadiyyat, and it sure was destructive.

Ahmadis know very very very well that if someone starts questioning, he’s gone, that’s it. I knew that was the tactic they used for Jamia boys, but I didn’t know they would chase the layman. I bet they’re going to add my website to the list of blocked sites with all the Lahori ones in Jamia Ahmadiyya. I really did think there would be some sort of reaction from Ahmadis, at least someone setting up an independent website to counter my arguments, at the end of the day, this was a teenager on a rant, but there was none, it was as if there were no Ahmadis. I have a graveyard near my house, once I took my thesis there and started speaking to the dead; I actually got more of a reaction from them (joke). I even told a Jamia boy to advise Jamat to set up a website to navigate Ahmadis away from my website, but his only answer was to wait for Hazoor’s instructions, but this sort of close minded stupidity got me thousands of Ahmadi visitors, some admitted they couldn’t answer most of the stuff on there.

All in all, there were barely any real believing Ahmadis, other than the staunched thick heads who inherited this disease, there were very few Ahmadis who were concerned and wanted to actually know whether this community was true or not. It was really shocking to see such deadness among Ahmadis, I sometimes didn’t check my grammar before I posted, other times, I left some things unreferenced, and other times, I barley argued my thesis with strength. It was all in an attempt to wake these dead people up, but I guess that’s what a cult does, it kills talent, ambition and character.

Not only do they not watch and advise other not to, they actually don’t talk about it. Once, I tweeted ‘That awkward moment when something bad happens in Jamat and everyone knows about it but doesn’t say anything’. There was an Ahmadi who retweeted me, either he’s really dumb, or he actually agrees but he doesn’t know it’s coming from someone attacking Ahmadiyyat. I went to enrol at University, and while I was in the prayer room, an Ahmadi walks in and I thought this is the end, he’s going to give me the dirtiest look ever. I had recognised him and he came to me and we hugged, he then told me ‘you don’t have to tell them, but if they ask, just tell them you’re Ahmadi’ (praying behind Non-Ahmadi Muslims). He went on further asking about Hani Tahir and how he was. I was shocked, he wasn’t a nobody either, I had seen him loads, he’s active and he had no clue about what happened. I’m sure North Korea doesn’t have this sort of censorship going on there.

I’ve always said the number scandal is enough to debunk this sick cult. There can be no running away from such a recent humiliation, and it destroys one of the biggest myths in Ahmadiyyat (its growth). I’ve had hundreds of Ahmadis (if not, over a thousand) reading my blog on this very topic, so my mission in that respect is done alhmadolillah. One Ahmadi asked Jamat officials about the number of Ahmadis worldwide, and in return, they asked for his/her name and contacts. They sure are working very hard to shut down decent in any way possible.

Throughout these weeks, I’ve come across some of the most corrupt morals ever, I had my own story of betrayal, but this time, it was Ahmadis turning on each other, with the arguments being fired by Hani Tahir, some left very openly, others decided to keep silent, others doubted and others became increasingly more aggressive, Arab Ahmadis were ripped through and through with this episode, and it was a good thing Hani Tahir didn’t address their personal attacks. As he showed the outright fabrications, and recently the moral corruption of MGA, Ahmadis had a lot to answer to, and they became the laughing stock themselves after such exposure. If there remains any Arab Ahmadis (other than the inherited ones in Kababir), they’d surely be despised by their communities and their country.

In any case, for people who don’t have any alternative but to act Ahmadi, I feel for them, I also understand others who are financially dependent on Ahmadiyyat. But the truth has arrived and falsehood vanished, and plus, there are plenty of strong reasons to convince someone of leaving this cult, so I would suppose every good person should do the right thing despite potential backlash. I’ve lived it, Hani Tahir has, many of my friends, family members, and now recent ex Ahmadis have faced it, but there is no reason to stop, or be afraid to take the step forward into a brighter future.

The best advice I can give to Ahmadis is that they should try and escape the box, make new friends who are Muslim but not Ahmadi, try and visit mosques and get strong social network among Sunni Muslims who can help you emotionally and materially. When you feel your future is secured socially, financially and emotionally, then make the move slowly and gradually until you can open up to the real world. Ahmadiyyat doesn’t rely on dictatorship tactics as much as it relies on building walls, once you smash those walls, and you feel you can tackle the world without Ahmadis, then go for it, keep on praying and know Allah is with the truthful.

In any case, the days of Ahmadiyyat are numbered, it would most likely collapse financially in the near future. As for the progress of dawah, it has only begun, and Allah knows the intentions of every true believer. Shaykh Fadil Solaiman who has over 200 thousand likes on Facebook asked for the two parties to debate, Hani Tahir agreed to the proposal. If Ahmadis agree to this, I will cut my own head off.

I ask Allah to protect and safeguard every good, decent and believing Muslim.


وآخر دعوانا أن الحمد لله رب العالمين

والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته