The tricks and fabrications in the community of MIRZA

Ahmadis have stopped replying officially and have boycotted everything to do with Hani Tahir; it was too late because Hani Tahir was able to expose a lot. I will give an overview of what exactly took place in all this madness in my next blog tomorrow, but I thought I had to give an overview of the tricks of Mirza and his followers before I wrap it up.

So, technically, this is an overview of the arguments presented by Hani Tahir on the topic of prophecy in the writings of MGA. It will debunk 99% of Ahmadiyyat from their own sources.

This blog will be split into three parts. The first one will be around the tricks MGA used in his prophecy telling, the second one would be about his fabrications, and the third one is about the fabrications of his followers.

  • Tricks

MGA was undoubtedly hard headed most of the time when it came down to his prophesies, but when they failed, he knew how to get around them. Along with his prophesies, he keeps other ‘wahi’ to back him up if things go wrong. So when he sees a prophecy failing, he says I received a wahi ‘O Allah, prolong this’. If one of his vague prophesies are fulfilled (partially), he boasts and says look, and writes hundreds of pages about it. If it doesn’t, he says to the people, but look, I prayed for Allah to prolong it indicated by the ‘this’ in the wahi. Now, even if that prophecy is fulfilled, him and his followers are happy, and they can forget about the wahi ‘O Allah, prolong this’. He’d also have other conditions stuck with the prophecy. So he says, ‘so and so’ will be destroyed within a year, but if he repents, he will be forgiven. Now, if this person dies, he says the prophecy is fulfilled, if he doesn’t, he says he repented or he was scared like in the example of Atham. So either way, he’s winning in all these so called prophesies.

In 1899, they were coming to arrest MGA without notice and one of his companions ran to him and told him they were on their way to arrest him (probably because of his filthy tongue). So MGA lifted his head while smiling and said “Sayd Mira, people wear golden and silver bracelets in worldly occasions, so you might consider that we wore metal in the cause of Allah. Then he said after a while: but this will not be so, because there are interests to the ruling of God, and he will not allow his delegated successors such disgrace.” (A letter of Abdul Hakeem Sialkoti published in Hakam newspaper. Volume 3, number 24, page 1-2).

This might sound fussy to Ahmadis, but it has a sneaky twist to it. If MGA was arrested there and then, Ahmadis would say he wore bracelets of metal, if he was not arrested, Ahmadis would boast of the fact that Allah protects his messengers. So on either way, it’s a win win. May Allah forgive us.


  • Fabrications of his own prophesies

Most prophesies were actually fabricated by him. Nonetheless, I will only present two of them here.

Plague: The Arabic poem (1864) ‘I wished from God that a pestilence should come and destroy’ was never meant to be for the plague. He mentioned it in 1901 but never said it was for the plague. A year later, he attributed it to the plague. Another example is his prayer for the failure of the vaccine. When news came to him that the vaccine had failed to work, he started saying he had prayed for its failure and it was fulfilled. There was no account of him praying before the news came, and Ahmadis admitted it.

Killing of Likram: MGA had prayed for him to be punished but there was never a prayer or any reference for the killing of Likram. Years after Likram was assassinated by someone, MGA went on to say his assassination was a prophecy because he had made a mubahalah with him (even though he was a Hindu).


  • Prophesies fabricated by his followers

Another son after death of Mubarak Ahmad: Months before the death of MGA in 1907, he received a wahi “we bode you with a blessed son who will replace Mubarak Ahmad, because Allah doesn’t want the opposition to be happy… to replace Mubarak Ahmad”  two months after his son Mubarak Ahmad had died. A son wasn’t born to him, so later on, they attributed this wahi to Nasir Ahmad who became the third Khalifa.

The shuddering of the hour: MGA prophesised a huge catastrophe that will befall mankind which would be a testimony of his truth. The conditions of it were that it would take place in his lifetime, it would be a sign of his truthfulness in front of most of his opposition, and thousands would enter Ahmadiyyat as a result of it. He dies months after this prophecy, so Jalal ud din Shams crossed out the words ‘in my lifetime’ and attributed it to world war one.

The death of Mirza: Other than trying their best to change the date of when he was born to fulfil the prophecy of his long age, they attributed to him a wahi saying ‘The leave, the leave’ which was published after the death of MGA. His son also fabricated a narration where MGA apparently said my mission has been complete as he saw 700 followers of his attend his the last Jalsa Salana. These two examples were totally ignored by Ahmadiyyat in response to Hani Tahir.

I wanted to make the blog longer but felt no need to. Ahmadis rely on prophesies, miracles and acceptance of prayer to justify their faith in Ahmadiyyat. The example of prophesies in the writing of MGA is clear proof of how Ahmadiyyat is a house packed with lies and deception.

I will say this simply and clearly:

If the companions of MGA can easily fabricate sayings of their founder to justify the fulfilment of his prophesies and writings, then they could easily fabricate dreams and miracles of their own, justifying their naivety, desperateness or outright duplicity.

And similarly, when all Ahmadis without exception lie collectively about their worldwide population and success, then they can easily fabricate dreams and miracles to justify their naivety, desperateness or outright duplicity.

والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته