When Ahmadis gave up on Mirza…

I’m surprised Ahmadis lasted this long, but it seems they’ve reached the end, that’s it as they say, we’ve reached the end of the road.

As much as they tried to defend the mess left by MGA, they have called it a day. There’s just too much error in the works of MGA, it’s like MGA is asking for it, he’s telling his followers ‘look at my fabrication, there, there you go, can’t you see’ and his followers don’t see anything. An outsider would laugh at the answers given by Ahmadis, when I watch the videos in response, I just glance into the eyes of the spokesman reading out the response and I think to myself ‘what the hell is going on in that brain’. Truly, it’s such a humiliating position to be in. So far, the videos in response barely address the points Hani Tahir raises, and even some videos which are very dangerous, there is no response from the camp of Ahmadis like one video I will present today.

In the first official response to the exit video of Hani Tahir by the Ahmadiyya Jamat, which was read out by Muhammad Sharif and now has over 10,000 views, he said clearly and repeatedly that Hani Tahir could not debunk the 30 signs of the truthfulness of MGA (which he himself compiled). But as soon as Hani Tahir started with them, they ran away and stopped responding in the way they used to. Even though they disabled the comments bar on Facebook and Youtube, and after releasing a notification advising all Ahmadis to avoid Hani Tahir’s videos, things have turned out in favour of Hani Tahir as he gets more views, and he’s much more open to discussion and dialogue.

Anyway, today, I will present two videos which talk about how MGA indicates to past sources which aren’t there, and the second video is about MGA attributing to the hadith, tafseer and history what they have not.

Part 1 of video

Hani Tahir outlines 3 example of MGA saying I received this wahi beforehand when he had not. Here are the examples

  1. MGA prayed heavily for the recovery of Abdul Kareem, and received many wahi on his recovery. After he died, he said I received a wahi saying ‘He wasn’t going to be healed’. There is no mention of this wahi anywhere before the death of AK
  2. Ahmadis wrote in Tadkirah that MGA received a wahi on 31/08/1894 telling of the irritation of Atham. This was only 4 days before the expiry of the prophecy telling of the death of Atham. While Abdul Aziz was bashing his head to the wall the day before the expiration of the prophecy, and another narration saying only a day before the end of the prophecy, this wahi came down on MGA and he told it to Abdul Kareem. MGA also said this wahi was published in the period of the prophecy when it wasn’t.
  3.  MGA had written in April 1906 that Dowie (supposed claimant to prophethood) was on the brink of death due to a stroke. He prophesiesed of his death beforehand, and challenged him to Mubahala. Dowie refused. Now, nearly a year late on 9/03/1907, Dowie dies. MGA says he received a wahi regarding his ‘sudden’ (like he didn’t have an immobilising stroke a year before) death and that it was published in Badir and Hakam. That wahi telling of his death came down on 13/03/1907, 4 days after the death of Dowie.
  4. The founder says in an announcement in 1903 that ‘Allah has announced in the world that Likram would be killed during 6 years’. The founder never said before the killing of Likram that he will die in that manner. He did say he would be punished (so if he heard that Likram slipped off the stairs, he could say there you go, he was punished) but never mentioned he would be killed before he was killed.
  5. MGA says ‘The truthfulness of Ahmadiyyat has been proven with three hundred arguments in Barahin Al Ahmadiyya’. I even heard this from a Murabi myself, and some still believe this today. Then he says after, ‘I was going to write 300 arguments in defence of Islam’.

The reply to these arguments were extremely silly as usual. It was the usual, ‘if you believe him to be truthful, then you have to trust that he said these prayers beforehand’. That’s why I always tell Ahmadis not to start from ‘he’s truthful and I have to defend him no matter what’, but to examine the case like an outsider. What Hani Tahir outlined was correct, and there was no objection to it. Just like with the example of the vaccine, MGA sees a window open to boast and attribute to himself wahi that he had never received before, Hani brings even more evidence of such instances. In terms of the Mubahalah with Likram (Hindu) and Dowie (Christian), they didn’t know what a Mubahalah was, and had never accepted one, so in that respect, even if the prophecy was fulfilled and like the evidence above shows, the prophecy was fabricated, it wouldn’t be a Mubahalah because that’s not how they work.

Also, there is no evidence to show Dowie insulting Islam before MGA decided to get up his back side, and I don’t think Likram would have known anything about Mubahalah to know what the hell MGA was up to. Ahmadis would have you believe that MGA made Mubahalah with Muslims and Kuffar alike, and all of them died within his life time. That’s not true in the slightest, what happens is that people insult MGA, so MGA says they would be punished and says vague statements, now, out of the thousand people that insulted him, five of them die without agreeing to a Mubahlah, so he takes their example of death and says ‘look, my prophecy of Mubahalah has been fulfilled’, and so What about the thousand others who insulted you and insulted Islam? No answer. That’s why in my previous blog, I was confused of whether he was mentally ill, or a clever liar.

Part 2 of video

This was much more interesting though, there was no official response because MGA messed up big time. He attributed to prophets, to Muhammad (pbuh), to Mufasireen, and to History what it has not. For example, he says ‘it is been proven through world history, that whenever a severe plague arrives, it’s because a messenger of Allah is rejected’. That is false because the plague of the thirteenth century wiped out more than a third of Europe. He also attributed to Muhammad (pbuh) that he received wahi in Farsi.


May Allah guide these mislead Ahmadis and make their exit a safe and peaceful journey.


Part 1



Part 2