Mirza and the 40,000 missing Arabic roots

Once an Ahmadi brother tried to give me hidayat by saying MGA knew brilliant Arabic, that over night, he learnt 40 thousand roots in the Arabic language, well dear boy, this blog is for you, and all those who think MGA challenged planet Earth with his miracles.

From the 1920’s onward and up to this date, Ahmadis have boasted of the miracle of MGA; how could a normal man learn Arabic overnight? and challenge the Arab world? Truly magnificent, it’s nearly as good as the three hundred arguments in defence of Islam found in Barahin Ahmadiyya.

Well, it turns out like everything else in Ahmadiyyat, the whole story was fabricated by a man called Ghulam Nabi Siht in 1921. He told this story to Bashir Ahmad, and then Mahmud Ahmad picked it up and soon enough, All Ahmadis started speaking of it. Nowhere in the writings of Mirza did he ever say I learnt 40,000 Arabic roots in one night, he didn’t even mention the 40,000 on the day of this supposed supernatural event. On that day, he only said, through certain indications, I’ve been told to write this letter in Arabic. The twist took place 3 years after that as he said ‘I have learnt 40 thousand of/in the Arabic language’. What are those 40,000 things in the Arabic language that he learnt? Nobody knows why he said that up to this date, it doesn’t make sense. Did he learn how to count up to 40,000 in the Arabic language? or to count the number one 40,000 times? Maybe, maybe not.

MGA said himself that supernatural/miracles events performed by prophets are witnessed by thousands of people/followers/companions. So basically, when a prophet makes a miracle, or something spectacular, people around him would live to tell. This Siht guy as he narrated the story had said that both Noor-u-din (first khalif) and Abdul Kareem were present when MGA had showed them the Arabic language he wrote, and Abdul Kareem was astonished and commented ‘I have read Arabic but have never come across such magnificent Arabic’. The funny thing is, Noor-u-din never narrated this story, and Abdul Kareem wrote one seerah of MGA and he never cared to mention this event. Even the second Khalifa wrote a book called ‘Sirat Al Maseeh Al Maud’ in 1912, and didn’t talk about the night where MGA learnt 40,000 roots in the Arabic language, whereas in Tafseer Al kabir, he mentioned the one night miracle clearly.

And just encase Ahmadis get too excited, the maximum number of roots that can be found in the Arabic language is around 12 or 13 thousand. It’s impossible to get a higher number than that because the Arabic alphabet is comprised of less than 30 letters. The used roots are no longer than 2 thousand, if someone uses over 3 thousand roots, then he’s an absolute genius. This fact created some strife in the response by Ahmadis. Some guy (we all know him unfortunately) said ‘yes’. MGA learnt 40,000 roots in the Arabic language over night whether you like it or not, whether he said it or not, and whether anyone saw it or not. Some other Ahmadis went by ‘you know what, that’s a lot of roots, the 40,000 just might be something else like structures or pronunciations’. Hani Tahir asked them to present 3 of those, and we’re still waiting for the reply.

Part two of the video is just banter. MGA said he received revelation in different languages, ones he had never heard or come across. The treasures in them were so unique that his people/nation have never heard of (maybe because they don’t exist). He named three languages, Hebrew, Sanskrit and English. It turns out he received 3 statements in Hebrew and Sanskrit, two statements in Hebrew are without meaning, and the other one was plagiarised from the gospel. He only received another 3 in Sansikrit, and they’ll be a laugh most likely. The English part was jokes though, Hani Tahir couldn’t hold himself from laughter and decided to cut the video short. There was no official reply to that video on part of Ahmadis.

Part three of the video is without subtitles because the Arabic in it is extremely complicated. Hani Tahir shows that MGA started writing good Arabic when Noor-u-din arrived in Qadian. So the seemingly good Arabic by MGA just might be the work of Noor-u-din. What’s startling though is how MGA tried to take credit from the Arabic he wrote. A shaykh had complained and told him he was stealing from Maqamat al hariri (very famous Arab poet) and MGA in his usual immoral standards replied with ‘the stupid thinks two or three lines is stealing’. He was talking about a book called Ijaz Al Maseeh, Hani Tahir with a hurry was able to take out 26 statements that were copied from Maqamat al hariri. So while MGA called the shaykh stupid for objecting to his plagiarism, Hani Tahir showed the real stupid, by picking out 70 plagiarised statements with hurry in another book named Al Tabligh.

Anyhow, enjoy it while you can, it seems Hani Tahir isn’t stopping and Ahmadis are nearing their expiry date. Oh poor Ahmadis


Part 1



Part 2