Mirza versus Humanity

As Ahmadis are trying their best to assassinate, smear and obscure Hani Tahir’s character, I’m taking a distressful and heart aching examination of Mirza Ghulam’s character. His moral practicality, the way he conducts himself, and the way he acts and behaves, because this is much more important than where he died, how he died or who created him. Throughout these videos, I have noticed such a dark and ugly character, not only his, but his early followers who stood with him in lying and even some Ahmadis who carry on this legacy of deceit till today. I’ve never come across such an egoistic, narcissistic, hard-headed and hard hearted character in my life. I could write books on his awful morals from his foul language, all the way to his narcissistic passions of power and status, but for this entry, I will only discuss his narcissism and cold hearted soul using only the example of the plague.

First of all, Ahmadis have these  three main points in their heads when they bring up the prophecy of the plague

  1. MGA prophesised the coming of the plague when it wasn’t there
  2. He refused to take the vaccine along with his followers
  3. He prayed to Allah in order for the vaccine to fail and not to effect/cure the people who take it

All these three points are false. For people studying this dark time in the history of humanity, one would be turned off and taken by the quantity of prophecies and their apparent contradictions. So for example, Hani Tahir said that in July 1907, MGA said there was going to be another plague stronger than the one before it, Ahmadi sources say the opposite; that Allah promised MGA to decrease its strength. Ahmadis would take the one where he prayed for the plague to reduce in strength and say it was fulfilled, while ignoring all the other ones which propagated the complete opposite. I remember someone requesting an Ahmadi in a message exchange to send some prophecies of MGA, the Ahmadi sent him a twenty page long piece, and who the hell has time to go through all that?! This is why our brother Hani Tahir is here; to teach us the tricks of Mirza and his followers.

The three videos by Hani Tahir eloquently show how there was no prophecy, and there is nothing in the story but of MGA attempting to make up prophesies, and attributing to himself what he is not. I want to focus on the moral side of the story though, and present you this individual, so you can decide where he fits on the moral spectrum (we might have to create a special one for him).

Let’s not forget, he hoped and prayed for the plague to come and strike the people as he said in 1894 “When iniquity and ungodliness rose to a deadly height. I wished from God that a destructive pestilence should come.” only three years after he had claimed he’s the Messiah, and he hadn’t even declared his prophethood yet. If you’re talking about immorality and ungodliness, than this is the age. I know Ahmadis still have this fanatical gene in them. They crave for a destructive war by which humanity is whipped out, and where Ahmadis are the only ones left. Yet they tweet away #savehumanity while they’re the only ones who wish for its destruction to fulfil their sick goals (Subhanallah, the traits of immorality run through generations). Not only did MGA hope and wish for the plague to arrive, the actual plague that started in Bombay was because he had one obedient follower by the name of Munshi Zayn Al-Din. So because this guy was in Bombay and people didn’t believe in MGA, Allah decided to wipe out thousands. In reply to this, Ahmadis said, the people gave him a hard time and abused him or something of this sort, regardless, Allah sent down the plague because of Munshi! Just for Munshi?! With this mentality, the whole world would be destroyed by now because Ahmadis are present in many countries. Scotland should’ve witnessed a plague because Asad Shah was killed.


Don’t worry though; it does get worst as usual

Let’s take a look at what Mirza had to say about the plague

“This age is the time of challenges, and so the plague has come as a sign, and the plague shall not be removed until it distinguishes between the believer and the non-believer”

“Allah did not send down the plague as a mercy just so the inflicted is named a martyr”

Not only is he belittling a hadith shareef (outlying 5 martyrs), but he’s saying the plague came down to distinguish between believers! In reply to a shaykh who asked him why his followers were dying by the plague, he says

“Whoever believes sincerely will be saved, but I don’t know who is a true believer because I can’t open the hearts of people”

In another place, he says

“Some Muslims were killed in it (battles of Uhud and Badir) as well, but none of the sahaba of the upper ranks were martyred like Abu Bakir (ra), Umar (ra) and Rasul Ullah (saw). So it’s apparent from this that the sahaba of the upper ranks do not participate in the same martyrdom.”

Wow, what on earth is he trying to say there?! First of all, he says the plague came as a punishment to distinguish the believer from the non-believer, and when some of his followers died, he goes on to say they were not true believers, and in another place, he said there was a problem in their hearts (video part 2). On Ahmadianswers, I quote “I shall safeguard all those who dwell in thy house from death by the plague, with the exception of those who are arrogant and think highly of themselves.

Most of the time, he linked it with righteousness, but who does that? Who distinguishes between martyrs and believers? Brother Hani Tahir brought up a good point and said Hamza Ibn Abdul Mutalib is from the lower ranks because he was martyred at Uhud, also, Abu Ubayda (ra), another beautiful companion died as a result of the plague. Not forgetting Hussain (ra) who was martyred in Karbalah. How disgusting, how deranged is it for a person to call his followers who died as a result of a disease weak hearted, arrogant and lower in ranks. I wasn’t going to bring this up, and this pains me to this day, but recently, an Ahmadi brother (May Allah have mercy on him) who I grew up around died while hiking with his fellow students of Jamia. How disgusting, and how shameful would it be for a person to say, he died because he had less faith, or the individuals with him were of higher ranks. Astaghfirullah, I can’t even imagine this sort of mentality, how evil can you be to say such a thing?! He’s talking about death by plague, but he went so far as to say the same thing applies to the time of our beloved prophet Muhammad (pbuh), that those martyred in battles in the cause of Allah were in the lower ranks.

The third and final video in part three discusses the issue of the vaccine. Ahmadis say MGA prayed to Allah, despite him praying for the destructive disease, he also prayed to Allah for the failure of the vaccine; so he prayed for the vaccine to have no effect and to cure no one so everybody could basically die!

Don’t worry; it only gets better because this is how the real story went. In Noah’s Ark which was published in 5/10/1902 (according to Ahmadi sources), MGA refused to take the vaccine, not because he was ordered by Allah, but because he wasn’t convinced of taking it. He said he didn’t prohibit his followers from taking the vaccine, and he even advised his followers to take the vaccine if the Government instructed them to do so, and if they had the choice, they should go by their righteousness (either trust Allah or take the vaccine). He also didn’t prohibit anyone from taking any medicine, he adds on to that in Malfoozat on 17/10/1902 that ‘if the goodness was in the vaccine, I would have been the first to take it’. It’s important to note that he was taking medicine and he recommended it to his followers but wasn’t convinced of the vaccine itself. He says a day after on the eighteenth of October in Malfoozat ‘the vaccine has not been tried yet, and so we can’t be certain of its effects without fifty or sixty thousand people taking it, and without a winter or two passing by’. Hani Tahir gave six reasons to why MGA wasn’t convinced of taking the vaccine in October.

Now, here comes the dangerous part, here comes the satanic act. On November the fifth, less than a month after he wrote Noah’s Ark and his other statements on the seventeenth and eighteenth of October, he receives a letter from someone which said the British Government has stopped giving out the vaccine because it wasn’t working.

So what does this humble servant do when he hears this news?

He writes in Mawahib Al Rahman that he refused to take the vaccine from day one and prayed for the failure of the vaccine, and so it was another prophecy fulfilled. Hani Tahir, well aware of the dates had said that MGA didn’t pray for the failure of the vaccine in Noah’s Ark because that was the closest date to the letter on the fifth of November. So Ahmadis in their usual aggressive and foul language accused Hani Tahir of all sorts and said MGA never said his prayer was in Noah’s Ark. So in reply, he asked them where he prayed for the failure of the vaccine, their only answer was ‘he doesn’t have to, why does he have to record his prayer for the failure of the vaccine?’

This episode is really depressing for me to be honest. I just can’t figure out whether MGA is mentally ill, or an intelligent liar. Nonetheless, I have to say, from the things I have written, people can see how hard and cold his heart is; when he talks about the destruction of people, his supposed prayer for the vaccine to fail, and his disgusting analysis of his believers and whether they are true or not. His narcissism really strikes hard in the fact that he tries to attribute everything to himself, it’s like the world revolves around him. I prophesised this and that, or that earthquake was because of me, or I’m the true believer and all this claptrap. I just can’t believe this guy had followers, or that he came out from our Ummah, or that he’s even followed by people today, it haunts me severely.


Do enjoy how Hani Tahir destroys the prophecy of the plague in 3 parts


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