Shots Fired and Desperate Answers by Ahmadis

In order to save their livelihoods and status, Ahmadis are trying everything to save their heads and keep that monthly cheque going.
This week, I have come across some of the stupidest and most absurd arguments ever, and I think the shock will stay with me for a while now. I might even dedicate an entire blog to the IQ capability of these enraged Ahmadis.

I think I know by now the tactic of Hani Tahir. He’s winning on all levels in whatever way you want to examine it, it’s as if Allah sent him to destroy Ahmadiyyat. He’s not picky in any sense, like when Ahmadis give the stupidest answers like over 160 million entered and left Ahmadiyyat within years, he’s not emotional even when in every single video in response, he’s called a liar, fabricator and a deceiver, and most of all, he’s not picking sides and he’s not initiating a war on anyone.

Rather than playing into their silly little games and wasting time, he gets straight to the point. His videos are short, direct and full of information. Ahmadis on the contrary write pages in response and confuse everyone. For example, in response to the first video about convert numbers, Ahmadis recorded over 20 minutes of video, along with a prophecy fulfilled with Hani Tahir’s judgemental analysis of convert numbers, and at the end, all they said was ‘the communities of Allah are not normal and so abnormal numbers for them is normal’. As stupid as they are, Hani Tahir keeps on going with more videos, he doesn’t stop by and say ‘hey, how can you lose a nation within years?’ He keeps going regardless. What he does is very clever, he keeps bombarding them with more and more arguments, as they barely reply with the cheapest nonsense, he fires another one, and another one until you end up like Razi having to spend all your life defending fake prophecies. He probably has to write another fifty books after these videos.

But I’ve been convicted of my biased nature obviously, and Ahmadis have told me to show the other narrative. So for today, I will link the videos of Hani Tahir at the end of the post and will present most of the arguments and replies. I will add no commentary, not even my laughs! I know Ahmadis aren’t dumb and so they can call out nonsense when they see it.

So Ahmadis

A prophet or mentally ill?

Hani Tahir Arguments Ahmadiyyat response

Very odd increase and decrease, it fluctuates abnormally in the writings of MGA


-1897: 8,000

-1898: 318

-1899: 10,000

-1902: 200,000

-1903: 300,000

-1904: 400,000

-1954: 200,000-300,000

A response of more than 5,000 words.

-Spread of Islam was rapid. Also, many Muslims apostatised after the death of Muhammad (pbuh) so it’s natural for the number to half fifty years after the founder died.


– Weak communication and the profession of Ahmadis to their faith varies


-Hajj attracts 2-3 million yearly. Does that mean Muslims are in the millions?


Numbers #2: Doubling of Ahmadis was exactly done so according to the order of fourth Khalifa


-1993: 200,000

-1994: 400,000

-1995: 800,000


[In short, Ahmadiyyat lost 160 million converts in 10 years]

I quote

“What happened was that the Fourth Khalifah (ra) had asked ‎Ahmadis to double the number of Bai’ats every year, and ‎Ahmadis everywhere responded, and fulfilled the wish of the ‎Khalifah— Hani Tahir found this strange because he sees ‎obedience to the Khalifah and fulfilling his wishes to be futile! ‎The Ahmadis, however, did not understand what the Khalifah ‎meant by this, i.e, not just to take bai’ats from people, but to ‎take care of them, train them, create a relationship with them, ‎maintain the relations and make great efforts in this regard.

‎If Hani Tahir looked with a pure eye and a clear, open heart at ‎what took place in the time of the Fourth Khalifah (rh), he would ‎have seen that it is in actuality a strong proof of the truthfulness ‎of the Jama ‘at, and the purity of its teachings, for when these ‎teachings are presented before those who are uninfluenced by ‎hostile thoughts against the Jama’at, they will love it dearly and ‎announce straight away that they have joined it. This is what ‎would happen; when missionaries would reach remote areas in ‎Africa and India, and present the Jamāʿat’s teachings, they would ‎be accepted by huge numbers by the grace of Allah. However, ‎due to lack of contact and difficulties of transport, and ‎sometimes due to disruption caused by the opponents of the ‎Jama’at who do nothing but spread hate, all of these factors ‎would have an impact on their ties with the Jama’at in those ‎countries. For this reason the Jama’at made great efforts to re-‎establish contact with these people.”

First video on failed prophecies

Failed prophecy of worldwide destruction in his life time. (shuddering of the hour)


Evidence: In reply to an opponent, MGA writes “This [earthquake/catastrophe] will occur in my life as a sign of my truthfulness, millions will witness this”

He adds in comments “If a strong disease doesn’t take place which will shake the entire world, and it will not take place in my time, then it is right of you to disbelieve in me. The purpose of this event is that it will be a paradigm of the day of judgement, and it will destroy the entire world in a blink of an eye, and thousands will enter my community because of it”

The founder says “The catastrophe will not take longer than 16 years because it is certain that this will happen in my life, but there is no need for the prophecy to prolong to that date, it may take place a year or two from now.”

He died 2 years after this. Jalal U-din-shams (in-charge of compilation of Tadkirah) crossed out the statement ‘in my life time’ and said this was fulfilled in World War one.



I quote

“Prophecies have conditions which have been mentioned in The ‎Holy Quran and can be summarized in three fundamental points; ‎Firstly, those prophecies with clearly apparent aspects, and other ‎hidden aspects that are not revealed until their fulfilment. ‎Secondly, there are conditions for the fulfilment of prophecies, ‎especially prophecies containing warnings; Thirdly, the time of ‎fulfilment is subject to the hidden aspects mentioned in the first ‎point and to the extent of the fulfilment of the conditions ‎mentioned in the second point, as sometimes prophecies are ‎postponed and other times they may take place exactly when ‎prophesized.”

“As far as prophecies of divine punishment are concerned in ‎general, they are prophecies of warning; it is not possible to ‎accurately affirm the time of fulfilment, just like it is not possible ‎to affirm that it will be fulfilled, because it is bound by ‎conditions, and thus it is postponed if people leave their sins, ‎and it is withdrawn if they repent completely.”

[So it didn’t happen in his lifetime and was fulfilled in World War One]

Video part 2 in failed prophecies

-The coming of another son that will replace the death of Mubarak Ahmad

The founder says two months after the death of his son Mubarak Ahmad in 1907 that ‘Allah has told me after the death of Mubarak Ahmad in the following ilham [we bode you with a blessed son who will replace Mubarak Ahmad, because Allah doesn’t want the opposition to be happy… to replace Mubarak Ahmad”

This was in accordance to his grandson and not his literal son.

As the founder says in 1905, two years before the real prophecy and before the death of Mubarak Ahmad that ‘it (prophecy) may be interpreted in a son to my son Mahmud because an offspring (I’m not sure about the Arabic wording but that’s my guess) means a grandson also. Or this prophecy may be fulfilled at a later time (the coming of a son)’

So it was fulfilled with Nasir Ahmad, the son of Mahmud Ahmad

Video part 2 in failed prophecy

-Increasing the life of MGA

In the same announcement above, the founder says “Then Allah told me in Urdu [I will prolong your life]. I will prove the lies of the opponents [Abdul Hakeem] who say that only 14 months remain in your life”

The followers said he received the wahi ‘The leave, the leave (death)’. This was published on 2/6/1908, after the death of MGA

After his sudden death, his followers fabricated sayings to make it out to seem his death wasn’t sudden and was known and prophesised.

He died 6 or 7 months after that, and so Allah did not increase him in life to over 14 months.


This prophecy is in accordance with Abdul Hakeem Batalvi who prophesised the death of the founder to be within 14 months.

Abdul Hakeem after hearing the prophecy of MGA retreated from his statement. He gave a clearer prediction of his death for no reason. He said MGA would die on 4/8/1908, and so Allah disgraced him because the founder died on 26/05/1908.

Video part 2 in failed prophecies


In the same announcement above, he carries on saying ‘A sweeping plague will be rampant in these places and in others, the likes of which has never been seen, but I don’t know, it might take place this year or the next”

No plague occurred and he died months after

In one announcement, 4 (including one other prophecy of destruction) prophecies failed.

The Plague was released from the people because the people feared Allah and repented for their sins.

Every prophecy was fulfilled, or some of it was fulfilled.

Sometimes, Allah postpones punishment and so this plague was stopped or delayed for another time. Some prophecies abrogate others as well, so there would be no need to go back to previous prophecies.

Video part 2 in failed prophecies

-Achievements of MGA and his sudden death

The founder says in 1906 “I don’t see in myself any quality, and I have not achieved what I was ordered to achieve”

After the sudden death of MGA. The second Khalifa writes that MGA was proud and spoke of the achievements of Ahmadiyyat in the last Jalsa and said nobody can finish Ahmadiyyat now as 700 people attended.

There is no bases nor any evidence that MGA ever said this

Video part 3 in failed prophecies

-Earthquake failed

MGA says in 1905 “Allah has told me of another Earthquake that will be a paradigm for the day of judgement, and Allah has reminded me twice of this, therefore I am certain this event is not far, and these two earthquakes will be a sign of your truthfulness….and it should be known that these signs will not stop there but they will keep on manifesting until it opens the eyes of people and they say [What is happening?]”

The founder slept in his garden for a month and a half out of fear of another earthquake that could potentially destroy his house

The Earthquakes are not literal and it could mean World Wars or catastrophes. So this was fulfilled in the two World Wars, the Vietnam war and current unrest in the Middle East. As for the opening of the eyes of the people, this is a Sunnah of Allah as he says ‘and never would we punish until we send a messenger’ (17:15). So after they see these signs, they will look for the representative of God.
Video part 3 in failed prophecies

The decrease in number of Muslim sects as he says two years before his death ‘the people of my community will leave along with other Muslim sects slowly slowly, who will leave to join my community or will disintegrate just like the Jews decreased to few numbers, this will be the fate of my opposition”

50 years after the founder, Ahmadis decreased by a half, so prophecy of Muslims entering Ahmadiyyat and decreasing in number is untrue.

Also, the opposition are the same, and the arguments raised are the same, nothing changed. He was talking about his lifetime and not in the future before Ahmadis say it will be fulfilled in the year 3500.

Even if this was prophesised for the future. Muslims went from 200 million to 1.6 billion so there was no decrease.

Ahmadiyyat is the fastest growing sect and it is in the millions. If you add to that the number of Ahmadis who just identify as such but don’t practice, then they reach tens of millions. It is growing and it will triumph in the end


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Part 2



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