Its official, Ahmadis just dug their own graves

So here we are with a new episode in a new chapter. When I didn’t think it could get any better, it got a whole lot better. Ahmadis in literally every single video in reply to Hani Tahir repeatedly challenged him to debunk the prophecies and the signs of the truthfulness of MGA. In the first response video by Sharif, he accused Hani Tahir of not being able to debunk any of the 30 signs of the truthfulness of MGA (even though it was Hani Tahir who compiled them). In another video, a person by the name of Ayman in his attempt to answer the number of converts said that Hani Tahir was running away, can you imagine, he said Hani Tahir was running away from the signs of the truthfulness of MGA.

So what does Hani Tahir do? He doesn’t disappoint that’s for sure, this one is a killer though!

By now, I can see first-hand this working machine, nobody gets in the way of Hani Tahir and although he spent most of his years criticising the Shuyookh of the Muslim Ummah, it’s now the turn of Ahmadis to taste that good old criticism, and it’s not going very well with them. I can almost hear their screams in tahajud as they pray either for the destruction of Hani Tahir or the preservation of Ahmadiyyat. As far as I’m concerned, I was a nobody a week ago, and this week alone, I got over 15,000 hits from concerned, intrigued or frustrated Ahmadis who some can’t believe to this day that this thing happened. Nonetheless, I’ve had Ahmadis beg me to tell Hani Tahir to stop making videos, or for him to make one every week at least, but no, when Hani Tahir believes in something, nobody can stop him.

Anyway, it seems Ahmadis had some confidence to start with, when they thought they can change the topic and move onto personal attacks, Hani Tahir didn’t give them a chance, when they thought they answered the contradiction by saying there is no contradiction, he slammed in the numbers, now, the numbers, let me say something about that quick. The numbers, and you can add that as a new theory, apparently, there was no mistake, every single one of those converts were real. So, even though they might’ve been in the million when the second Khalifa announced in 1944 (as they were hundred times that of the followers at the time of MGA), it is totally natural for them to decrease within 10 years to 200,000. Similarly, within 10 years, Ahmadiyyat lost 160 million converts at the time of Mirza Tahir Ahmad, just like that! Pop! And they’re chasing down Hani like they didn’t just lose over 150 million Ahmadis!

After they answered the numbers, he stepped down and gave them a big slap in the face, working on their terms; he went on to debunk the prophecies of MGA.

Here is the debunk of the 5 Earthquakes and how the companions of MGA fabricated his prophecy in order for it to be fulfilled.