Putting an end to a painfully enduring Lie

By now, you might be thinking that I only got numbers to talk about …. But it’s not that. The numbers aren’t just a lie, a mistake, an exaggeration, a small fault. I think this topic alone shows that Ahmadiyyat has no goodness, it has nothing to provide the world with, and the only way it can survive is by lying to its followers and just about everyone.

I’ll talk in future about cult structure and how such a lie was endured for so long. The important thing to remember here is that Ahmadis lied for decades and more than a century about their numbers, this wasn’t for fun, but it was one of the biggest signs or mechanism in converting people, and it happens to this very day.

Ahmadis have three things of which they convert people. The first is prophesy fulfilment, the second is dreams/visions and the third is their growth.

The first requires another blog to debunk, it should be just as funny as this number scandal. The second cannot be proved or disproved by anyone, it’s subjective in nature.

The third one will be concluded today with two videos from Hani Tahir and an overview of this enduring lie.


Year Leader Number
1897 Mirza Ghulam Ahmad 8,000
1898 Mirza Ghulam Ahmad 318
1898 Mirza Ghulam Ahmad 10,000
December 1899 Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Just over 10,000
July 1900 Mirza Ghulam Ahmad 30,000
October 1902 Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Near 100,000
June 1902 Mirza Ghulam Ahmad 200,000
June 1903 Mirza Ghulam Ahmad 300,000
March 1904 Mirza Ghulam Ahmad 400,000
1944 Mirza Mahmud Ahmad 500,000
1954 Mirza Mahmud Ahmad 200,000-300,000
1974 Mirza Nasir Ahmad 10 million
2004 Mirza Masroor Ahmad 180 million
June 2008 Mirza Masroor Ahmad 70 million
December 2008 Mirza Masroor Ahmad 170 million
2013 Mirza Masroor Ahmad millions

There is no way out of this Ahmadis! You can’t interpret numbers figuratively. Your own Messiah and Khalifa had to lie about their convert numbers. Not only that, your missionaries and ameers were dishonest if not definite liars.  Not only that, your parent kept silent about this. Not only that, but it carries on to this very today.

Think about it, are those who worship money, people and status believers? or Mushrikeen?


Part 1– Numbers said by MGA from 1897-1898



Part 2-Numbers from 1899-current day