I told you it runs in the family! My main man and the original lie (2nd edition)

Now, I wanted to write one more blog about Ahmadi numbers before the big controversy took off, but now since Hani Tahir has spoken about it, I decided to through in my contribution. More than one Ahmadi have told me they will write a reply but until now, there are none. So I’m going to pretend an Ahmadi replied to me and talk a bit about numbers.

I personally don’t like to get into theology although I love it. When it comes to interpretation, we can say whatever to justify, but with this, anyone and everyone can see the reality of Ahmadiyyat. It takes little thinking but leads to huge conclusions.

So in accordance to the number scandal, let’s say an Ahmadi replies.

Here are some of the potential answers

  1. Some Ahmadi in high office just happened to fake all these numbers

My answer: Who is he who did this? How could it be one person who was able to trick a whole community, the press and the world and get away with it? Why did it take so long (over a decade) for Ahmadis to figure out this fraud, weren’t there any checks with the ameers, missionaries and Ahmadi inhabitants of an area? How come the number scandal started in 1993, when it just so happens that Tahir Ahmad ordered the doubling of numbers?

I heard this from an Ahmadi once, but I can go on, this theory stands no basis and could easily be debunked……


  1. It’s only an estimate just like people give an estimate of the worldwide Muslim population. People join and leave, sometimes an entire village converts as the king does, blah blah blah


For this one, I’m going to take an entire page to debunk it. Ahmadis, you have to pay attention because if you get that thing working upstairs, wallahi, you will wake up outside of this cult by tomorrow.

I’ll give a scenario so everyone can understand, and can judge for themselves. Imagine a missionary coming to the UK to convey the message. After meeting someone who had become interested in the ideas given, he decides to embrace Ahmadiyyat there and then. Imagine this missionary overwhelmed with joy declares all the UK Ahmadi (70 million) and sends the report back to Rabwah and the khalifa there believes it and declares those numbers to be true.

Now, which path should one take to solve this mistake

a) admitting the missionary was high on something and correcting the mistake

b) hide these impossible numbers until they are dug up by someone and exposed

A healthy person would obviously go for (a) and not have to face the trouble of answering to the conversion of 81 million in a single year. If you look at any sect in monotheism, you will never find this sort of estimation anywhere. The bahai group which similar to Ahmadiyyat initiated in the 19th century and expands over 200 countries say they are around 5-6 million. Mormons on the other hand (the Ahmadiyyat of Christianity) have approximately 11 million. I challenge any Ahmadi to bring me a sect within a religion that has ever said they were able to get more than 5 million converts in one year. Why are these crazy numbers found in this community specifically?
Let’s examine these numbers given by Ahmadis and see how you can solve this issue. In 2003, the official website of the Ahmadiyya community declared over 200 million adherents. If you add up their convert numbers, they come up to around 180 million. So let’s take 200 million as the number of Ahmadis for now.

The largest presence of Ahmadis is in Pakistan. The estimate given by Ahmadis is around 4 million. So any country outside of Pakistan has to contain less than 4 million Ahmadis. So I’ll be generous just for this example and give an estimate of Ahmadis in the remaining countries which house the largest portion:
Counting Ahmadi population

Pakistan: 4
India: 1
Bangladesh + Indonesia: 1
Nigeria: 2
Niger: 1
Ghana: 2
Tanzania: 2
Congo: 1

With all these exaggerations, it would be impossible for the number to reach 20 million but I’ll use this as the number of Ahmadis worldwide.

By now, most Ahmadis believe there was a big fat lie in the number game, it couldn’t be a mistake, the 40 million in 2000 and 81 million in 2001 is no way possible. The question now is, what do we do about it, and what are the potential responses Ahmadis have?

Let’s say an Ahmadi supposes it was a mistake, a miscalculation or a join-leave number convergence, that just maybe, maybe, there was a small mistake here and there on part of missionaries. Let’s examine that for a second and see if this is possible. If Ahmadis had 200 or 180 million in 2003, it would mean that a decade later, more than 160 million left Ahmadiyyat. Let me just drop some countries that may add up to the loss of Ahmadis in 10 years.



Saudi Arabia




West Bank (Palestinian territories)





New Zealand




Iran and Germany


Egypt and Turkey


So it couldn’t just be a mistake, nor can you take or trust any of the numbers given out by this community. If ahmadis were to believe in those numbers given by the Jamat, then it’s essential for them to believe that the above countries were once ahmadi and within a decade left Ahmadiyyat. Not only is that idea very foolish and impossible to imagine, it would be a tragedy and a great loss on part of Ahmadis that such a case occurred.

As I said above, to blame it on one person is not possible. To say it was a collective decision by top members in the Ahmadiyya Jamat may be possible but I found contrary evidence to that. In the case of Benin discussed in one of my older blogs, it turns out that the missionary in charge there totally faked the numbers where you had Ahmadis within two years sharing a third of the country’s population; outnumbering the total Muslim population by hundreds of thousands. Even if it was a lie from the top by the giant of the Jamat, why did all the Ahmadis believe it? Why did the Ahmadis in India not object to the fact that Tahir Ahmad called out 80 million converts in India? Or why are Ahmadis still ignorant about this issue and barely bring it up?

So at the end of the day, the only two options left for Ahmadis are

  1. Ahmadis are complete liars. From the Khalifa who ordered the doubling, to the missionaries who faked the numbers, to the officials for writing imaginary numbers to the Ahmadis who kept silent in all this madness.
  2. 180 million Ahmadis left Ahmadiyyat in 10 years.


We all know the unfortunate reality, but it takes a man to admit his or his family’s fault. So be it, everyone will be accountable on the day of judgement

Now for some exclusive and never seen before numbers said by MGA, Hani Tahir proves MGA to be a complete liar when it comes to speaking about the number of his followers.