Who is right? Mirza or his followers?

Oh dear oh dear oh dear. This episode just got a whole lot uglier and I can’t keep up with the drama.

Muhammad Sharif (ameer of Palestine) has given an official 19 minute long response video to Hani’s video, it’s translated but will be used for future purposes. In this, he slams Hani as a hypocrite, deceiver, treacherous and potentially mentally ill.

Can you believe this! A very long lived friendship and hundreds of hours of TV time together and it ends with this. As far as I’m concerned, Hani told Ahmadis to stay Ahmadis and decide on their own terms in the exit video, but here you have all these accusations and personal attacks lumped at him mischievously by one of the official spokesmen of Arab Ahmadis.

I’m obviously in the camp of Hani and everybody should be so. A 19 minute attack on Hani personally after declaring he is no longer an Ahmadi!!!

Hani Tahir being the courageous moral supreme doesn’t buy into any of that. He didn’t allow his feelings to get to him, he could’ve easily made a response expose video protecting himself, his legacy, honour and history (wasteman/dawahman could learn a few lessons from this). He sent out a video response within hours that talks about abrogation. He basically says that Ahmadis pride themselves in rejecting this notion while the founder himself endorses it.

Oh my! he starts off by saying people who are losing or those who have no arguments tend to resolve to personal attacks and petty arguments in an attempt to swerve and lose the main focus, but he carried on with the video (talking on abrogation) which later caused much spark and debate among Arab Ahmadis.

Here is the beautiful reply by the beautiful man himself