Mirza up against his followers once again, with even more contradictions

It turns out Hani Tahir is not leaving any space for Ahmadis to breath in. While putting them against the wall in the first two videos where he talks of Ahmadis going against the interpretations of the founder, this time, he hammers it in hard with a short video outlining yet 3 more contradictions

  1. The fall of Adam and Eve (interpretation of whether the tree was grape or not)
  2.  Interpretation of a shooting star (if it is real according to Quran or not)
  3.  Killing for apostasy (whether apostates are killed under Islam or not)


Through this and previous videos, it seems Ahmadiyyat is not just a long lost baby waiting to go back to its mommy (Islam), it’s actually upset about its current state. Powerless with no purpose, it seems they’ve got nothing to do but contradict themselves with their own founder by going against everything he was about.

Anyway, here’s the main man with the hot meal