As of 27/08/2016, Hani Tahir has released a statement and YouTube Video renouncing his Ahmadiyya faith


Short description

Name: Hani Tahir

Age: 47

Age when converted: 29

Home land: Palestine

Qualification: Masters in Arabic, Masters in Shariah and bachelors in Electrical engineering

Work before waqf: Lecturer at University

Work with Jamat: MTA3 and Arabic desk

TV programmes: الحوار المباشر/ سبيل الهدى/ قراءة في الصحف/ الخزائن الروحانية

Work in Ahmadiyyat: He helped translate over 70 books of MGA, and recorded over 2000 hours of TV shows.


Essentially, the biggest Arab of the Ahmadiyya community left Ahmadiyyat.


He also released a statement on Facebook of which I translated below



I announce that I am no longer a member of the Ahmadiyya community

It’s everyone’s right to know the reality of what occurred. How is it possible for someone to deeply believe for many years in a person who proclaimed to be the Messiah then find out later that this dawah is false?

The answer with simplicity is

Firstly: The delay in translation of the books of the founder (into Arabic)

Secondly:  The love of something/someone makes a person blind and deaf

As for how I believed in him in the first place. It’s because I saw his explanation of topics such as the death of Isa (as) and his return, the tafseer of his survival and migration appealing, a better interpretation than other ijtehadat I had come across. Apart from that he came with important reforming ideas (tajdeed) such as abrogation in the Quran (said there was none), the likes of freedom to religion, the re-interpretation of Quranic stories which answers accusations. The result was that we embarked on this journey without reading the books of the founder. I went by the saying خير البرّ عاجله (the faster the better)

And so with the translation of all the books of the founder, it came with great surprise that he was saying the complete opposite to what we have been propagating for many years but the sweeping love and deep faith does much to twist his writings or the perception that there must be other sayings of his which will appear when the rest of the books are translated, or still, if he didn’t change his mind, he might be wrong in some aspects. However, I was frustrated by Ahmadis who felt he could not be wrong in any case. It became very clear to me his stance and position on certain issues and the community (Ahmadiyyat) kept on propagating the very opposite of his beliefs. The application of two opposite cannot be but false.

Not only this, but they use these arguments to gain new converts. They find no wrong in someone converting on the basis that the founder argued the Quran had no abrogation while the founder believed in the two types of abrogation.

As more books were being translated, even more doubts stacked up, and as I read them all, it became clear my stay in Ahmadiyyat was impossible.

I had no intention but to save the individuals in this community by stages in small steps. My hope was for me to help those who inherited this mistake and the Khalifa who can solve this problem from its grass roots. I look upon them with sympathy from their biggest to their smallest, and I understood the rescue needed patience and perseverance, and for me to withstand a lot.

The hard question was: Is It necessary for a person to say the truth despite its alarming consequence on devout innocent people who suffered persecution believing they were on the straight path?

The answer was for history to witness, for it was my decision to peacefully leave after Jalsa Salana 2016 as the guests returned and people settled down.


My call to Ahmadis

I ask that your friendships and connection stays well. I don’t want to be the reason for the pains of anyone, or for disputes among brothers, friends and spouses. If someone is convinced by what I said or what I will say and changes his position, it is a duty upon him to stay compassionate with those who hold a different position and those who take a negative approach for he should understand the situation and not forsake him especially in the near future.

After the situation calms down, you can discuss in depth. Don’t hurry. Press the Jamat (community) to publish the announcements of the founder in their folders, and to haste in the publication of his books. Then you can decide among yourselves with calm.

To forsake a Aqeeda is not easy, so I ask everyone to take it easy and look with sympathy upon those who don’t find it easy (to take the news or leave Ahmadiyyat). I don’t want people to turn on each other and humiliate each other by leaving Ahmadiyyat immediately or picking on those that stay.

The aim should not be to take people out of Ahmadiyyat, but the aim is to re-awake the Muslim ummah, and to help the people discover information and to decide with ease while having complete freedom to religion.

For the opponents of ahmdadiyya Jamat, I say to them: If you didn’t accuse Jamat for what it is not upon, and if you didn’t persecute them, and if you just put the effort into publicising the books of the founder, and if you subscribed to translating his books in English and Arabic, the Jamat wouldn’t of reached where it is now. It is incumbent upon the Muslims in Pakistan to understand the Jamat and to work with it using goodness, and to stop the Takfeer entirely for this is the shortest way to solve the problem.

As for the Palestinian people, I appreciate their position in not opposing the Jamat in any way, especially in my village where we built a centre for Ahmadiyyat.

I give my condolences to anyone  who I harmed, and I forgive the people who were the cause of my departure from my beloved land; leaving me without my mom and my dad mercy be upon him, and many other loses which cannot be accounted for.

I will defend the Jamat if it is wronged in false accusations, and I will defend the right of its individuals to release whatever they find true. I invite everyone to read and gain knowledge, to keep up fruitful discussions with mercy and compassion. I welcome criticism from the community and from others, and I welcome cooperated discussions along the lines of righteousness and piety.

It is time for our ummah to awaken and to progress over all other nations, for we are a nation that deserves better and I give my peace, mercy and blessings of god upon all.

Your brother Hani Tahir 27/08/2016




He doesn’t seem to be holding an opposing or strife position against Ahmadiyyat. Although he lost his entire family, livelihood and time for the sake of falsehood, he seems full of energy and hope. There are no harmful intentions that can be read through his statement, he is rather worried about Arab Ahmadis more than anything else. I think he will have a lot of support for his decision among many people including Arab Ahmadis.

It’s simple Ahmadis, he went into Ahmadiyyat thinking it’s the renaissance that you keep on speaking of, and then when he translated all the books of the founder, he found it hard to stay in this hypocrisy.

This man has a lot of fairness, moral courage and honesty in him. I wish Ahmadis had an atom’s weight of his courage to truly examine Ahmadiyyat.

Truly, a loss for Ahmadiyyat