The Original Lie

As we have outlined in the previous two blogs, the number of converts to Ahmadiyyat worldwide provided from 1993 to the current year were a complete fabrication. Not only by the giants or leaders of Jamat, but missionaries who had to think of ways of multiplying numbers stupendously to reach the target set, and don’t forget the majority of Ahmadis who lived through this era and believed the numbers. Most Ahmadis know there was a big lie in the game but won’t admit it or do anything about it.

But it’s not fair to place all the blame on Mirza Tahir Ahmad because this policy or technique was used by no other than the founder Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. Here are his long life predictions taking into consideration his decision to create the community in 1889

January 1897: 8000 [1]

September 1898: 318 men (x6 for family= max 2000) [2]

September 1903: 100,000 [3]

March 1906: 400,000 [4]

You can tell his mathematical skills are terrible. He gave 8000 in 1897, yet more than a year later, he gave the number 318 to an inspector. Nonetheless, his Math was bad from day one because he had argued Muslim numbers to be not 200 million but 940 million [5] while the truth is actually the opposite. But this here isn’t some mistake.

How did it suddenly become 100,000 in 1903?

I couldn’t get any figures between 1903 and 1906 but if you think about it; Mirza was adding 100,000 every year from 1903 and so it would naturally reach 400,000 in 1906. It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out. Due to circumstances I’m not aware of, he decided to increase Ahmadi numbers by 100,000 each year starting in 1903 until he reached 400,000 three years later. At this point, if he kept this increase going, people would call him out for it. So as far as I understand, he died in 1908 with that figure as his final statement.

That became the official figure for Ahmadis and it was written by Mirza Masroor Ahmad in a letter to the Queen.

To determine the number of Ahmadis at his time, it’s important to look at the attendees of Jalsa Salana. The annual convention has always been an emphasis of Mirza to gather all his followers at one event. In that, he can count his followers. His last annual convention had 2000 men attend in 1907. Multiply that by 6 to include family and you get around 12,000 Ahmadis. That’s my prediction.

Now, it’s important to note what Mirza Mahmud Ahmad said in 1950

“The truth is that, although we have never conducted a count, in our estimate the number of people in the Jama’at is approximately two hundred thousand. We cannot see more than this. It is possible that if the branches overseas are taken into account this number may reach three hundred thousand. The utmost limit, which it is absolutely impossible to exceed, is four hundred thousand. But some people in the Jama’at have now reached the stage in their exaggeration that, when saying how many they are, they give a figure of up to two and a half million.”[6]

So nearly 50 years after the advent of MGA, half of them left the Jamat to say the least.


Now, 24 years later in 1974 at the National Assembly of Pakistan, they called Mirza Nasir Ahmad to investigate the number of Ahmadis worldwide.

This is how it went, sit back, relax and enjoy the idiocy

() are my commentary

Mr. Yahya Bakhtiar: Now sir, will you tell the special committee as to how many members belong to JAmat-e-Ahmadia or your school of thought of the Ahmadiya Movement throughout the world?

Mirza Nasir Ahmad: Throughout the world approximately 10 million

Mr.Yahya Bakhtiar: And how many of them are in Pakistan?

Mirza Nasir Ahmad: According to my estimate, they are from 35 lakh to 40 lakhs (3.5-4 million).

Mr.Yahya Bakthiar: At the time of the death of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, what was the number of Ahmadis? Have you any idea?

Mirza Nasir Ahmad: Few thousands. 4 Lakh, around 4 lakhs. (he changes his mind from few thousands to 400,000 after consulting his companions)

Mr. Yahya Bakhtiar: Now, Sir, this is very confusing because I have been looking through various figures. It seems that in 1908, at the time of Mirza Sahib’s death, the number given was 19,000. (I estimated 12,000, but close enough)

Mirza Nasir Ahmad: Census Report?

Mr. Yahya Bakhtiar: No, this is a document, a book published by the Foreign Office of British Government in 1920 in their Registry Office. They have given that at the death of the founder.


Mr. Yahya Bakhtiar:: In 1908, the sect, which at that time did not exceed 19000, has split up into two rival parties and appear to be declining in number……whether your faction or the other faction, I do not know…..but this is what the British Government’s certificate is. Then, Sir, in…..

Mirza Nasir Ahmad: But this is not the first time that the British Government is misinformed.

Mr. Yahya Bakhtiar: No, no; that is possible; I am not saying, I am just asking. You know better figure. But there is a statement by Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mahmud Ahmad in “Ahmadiyyat or True Islam”, published in 1959, wherein it is stated that at the time of his death, which occurred in 1908, his followers could be counted by hundreds or thousands.

Mirza Nasir: Yah, 4 lakhs, I already told (400,000)

Mr. Yahya Bakhtiar: The census figure, however, of 1908 shows that there were only 18,000.

Mirza NAsir: Yah ok

Mr. Yahya Bakhtiar: And then the census figure of 1921 shows that they were only 30,000. 1931 figure shows that they were 56,000.

Mirza NAsir: 56?

Mr. Yahya Bakhtiar: And this is confirmed by Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mahmud in an address which appeared in Al-Fazal of 5thAugust, 1934, which says that


Mr. Yahya Bakhtiar: The Encyclopaedia of Islam says that the figure of Ahmadi as given in 1960 edition; may be a year or two before the figure was given is half a million (5 lacs) throughout the world, out of whom half are in Pakistan, that is, about 2 lacs.

Mirza Nasir: it is not in my knowledge who gave them these figures


Mr. Yahya Bakhtiar: No, but the Encyclopedia clearly says that it was stated there by ahmadies. That may be wrong

Mirza Nasir: yah yah, about encyclopedia I can only say this that I don’t know who gave them the figures


Mr. Yahya Bakhtiar: So, Sir, to cut it short, if I say that the number of ahmadis In Pakistan is not more than two hundred thousand, you cannot contradict me through any document?

Mirza Nasir: I don’t like to….


Mr. Yahya Bakhtiar: I just wanted to come at a right number. I said if you could come to a right number of the Ahmadis?

Mirza Nasir: until there is a right census

Mr. Yahya Bakhtiar:: Because you your self are not sure, if you had been sure……..

Mirza Nasir: I am not sure. No, I am not sure.

Mr. Yahya Bakhtiar: I would have accepted your word that they are three million

Mirza Nasir: Yes yes

Mr. Yahya Bakhtiar: But you yourself are not sure.


So it turns out he had no idea that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad had stated his Jamat was 400,000 before his death. Not only that, he answered 10 million worldwide, 3.5-4 million of them in Pakistan. Then when the judge read out some census, he was pressured into admitting he does not know. Why did you give out the number in the first place if you did not know?

Then the fourth Khalifa came to continue this legacy of deceit and in 1995, 21 years later, he had declared ‘about 11 million’ and every single Ahmadi believed him.

وما عليك الا البلاغ

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