Ahmadiyyat, the fastest growing sect- A closer look

Ask any Ahmadi today about the 180 million scandal and he/she would be embarrassed. They still have one thing going though, ‘Ahmadiyyat is the fastest growing sect in Islam’ even though they can’t give an estimate of their numbers. So Ahmadis forced me to look this up, and it didn’t take me 30 minutes of research to find even more hilarious and shocking statistics. I went on the website that claims this ‘fact’ and looked at some of the statistics they gave. The Christian Encyclopaedia which took its research from Ahmadis includes some of the countries with the largest Ahmadi populations; let’s have a look shall we!

The mechanism to which I will determine the number of Ahmadis in a country is by the number of attendees at Jalsa Salana. If they have no Jalsa, it would mean that Ahmadis have no influence or no connection with each other. So for example, Israel has a population of 2200 Ahmadis on the website and they hold a Jalsa yearly. Similarly, the United States has 15,000 and they too hold a Jalsa. If a Jalsa doesn’t happen yearly, the number of Ahmadis would definitely be less than 5000 in that particular area or country.

Apply this critique to the table given by the website, and you come out with shocking results. For example, Chad has a population of 220,000 Ahmadis yet no Jalsa, the democratic republic of Congo has 540,000 Ahmadis yet no Jalsa. Niger had a Jalsa in 2015 and less than 5,000 attended whereas on the website it had 970,000 Ahmadis. Cameroon has 430,000 Ahmadis yet less than 1000 attended 2015 Jalsa. What’s going on there? It seems that countries with hundreds of thousands of Ahmadis can’t hold a Jalsa or they turn up in hundreds? Liberia with a population of 85,000 Ahmadis held a Jalsa, so why can’t a country like Congo with 540,000 or Chad with 220,000 hold a Jalsa?

These are just the biggest numbers I picked on the website. There are smaller ones like Egypt with 50,000 and Argentina with 15,000 who never held a single Jalsa. With all these combined, you would at least knock 2 million off the given stats. So much for the fastest growing sect!


But don’t think I left them there. On that very website, they commented

The following figures display estimates of number of Ahmadi Muslims and their percentages by country. However, it does not list all the countries with the Ahmadiyya presence. In particular, it does not list a number of countries which have a large presence of Ahmadis. This includes BeninBurkina FasoIvory CoastGuineaThe Gambia and a number of Arab States.  


I’m not sure if there’s any presence in Arab states let alone large. But let’s go with it and search these countries to figure out the real reason why they didn’t include them. For the sake of the blog, I’ll only pick out Benin and see Ahmadi numbers there. On the list of building and structures given by Ahmadis, they have statistics about Ahmadiyyat in Benin as follows

  • In 2000, 801,000 converts.[63]
  • In 2001, over 1.2 million converts, 328 local branches established within all 328 cities within the country, 228 chiefs and kings converted and 237 Sunni converted Ahmadiyya mosques along with their Imams.[63]
  • Benin has 251 Ahmadiyya mosques, 77 mission houses and over 2 million adherents of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. As of 2002, 57 kings of various Beninous communities joined the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.


So by 2002, Ahmadis were over 2 million. The population of Benin in 2002 was 7.415 million.

These are the statistics given by google to the proportion of religion in Benin in that same year

‘According to the 2002 census, the population of Benin is 27.1% Catholic, 24.4%Muslim, 17.3% Vodoun, 10.4% Protestant (which includes Celestial 5%, Methodist 3.2%, and other Protestant 2.2%), 5.3% of other Christian denominations, and 15.5% of other religions.’

As Muslims account for 24.4% of the population, their numbers will be no more than 1.8 million. The report of Ahmadis would have you believe that there was a complete overthrow in 2 years, turning the 237 Sunni mosques and their inhabitants into Ahmadiyyat. Even if we believe all Muslims in the country within 2 years were able to convert to Ahmadiyyat; they would not add up to 2 million. This is the reason why they didn’t include it in the website because it would mean that Ahmadis outnumbered the Muslim population by over half a million.

I looked to other sources to see if any website picked up on Ahmadi presence in the country. It turns out the National Encyclopaedia never mentioned them and an international religious freedom report made by the US in 2007 never mentioned their presence while adding that almost all Muslims adhere to the Sunni branch. After this, I searched Jalsa Salana in Benin and it turns out Mirza Masroor Ahmad went in 2004 to see the over 2 million converts. Here is the attendance of Jalsa when their divine Khalifa came to see them

benin jalsa


clap, clap, clap…….. well done Ahmadis

You sure are winning the hearts!

This got me thinking though, where I previously believed that the numbers were a lie from the top; some high-office Ahmadis had a meeting and made up the number to please their Khalifa, I know have a different interpretation; this one is much more fatal and dangerous. It would seem to me that Jamat set a target for missionaries to achieve by the end of the year. The missionaries unable to reach the target had to lie and work out how they can fill the report so as to make it look like they did the job. For some missionaries, they had to times the real number by thousands to get the expected target. A collective lie by missionaries followed by complete silence among it’s followers. What a cult!

So it turns out missionaries know Jamat is jokes

Also, I compared the number of Ahmadis and the number of Mosques in the region; they don’t seem to add up. For example, in Kenya, Ahmadis are 198,000 but they have 68 mosques to pray in! Whereas Indonesia who has double the number (400,000) have 385 mosques. Benin has 251 mosques for over 2 million. Niger has less than 5 for 970,000 Ahmadis.

Also, Ghana on the Christian Encyclopaedia has a population of 635,000 yet on the website of buildings and structures, the population is between 2-5 million in 2007.

Who are you joking with Ahmadis?

Fastest growing sect? Or just a misunderstanding?