The myth of Ahmadi converts: How Ahmadiyyat cheats on its followers and the world


So here we have again, the number of converts to Ahmadiyyat this year exceeds 580,000. As usual, that number is a lie, a lie among a history of fabrications and frauds. It couldn’t get worst, I thought this year they would shut up about their numbers but no; the business has to continue, they’re desperate and reliant on lying to strip their people of their livelihood.

It’s a well known fact that whoever doesn’t donate to Jamat (community) is not technically an Ahmadi. A good Ahmadi is weighed on his money contribution, the more you give and sacrifice, the better you are. If you add up all the donations Ahmadis have to go through, it would amount to at least 20% of their wages. That’s not specifically a bad thing if it was for a good cause, but here, they strip their followers of money and use it with carelessness in unnecessarily fields. The history of the family of Mirza is basically a business, a tax on the stupid and the closed-minded uneducated folks.

Although this started with the founder in the early 1900’s. It was exacerbated by the fourth khalif Mirza Tahir Ahmad. As he realised during the early 1990’s that Tabligh (missionary work) missions were not producing quantities of his standards, he pushed on Ahmadis to double the numbers and work twice as harder to bring more people into the fold of Ahmadiyyat. They estimated Ahmadi numbers at 10 million in 1993, and they were determined to preach like there was no tomorrow until the converts each year increased massively, even doubling the numbers from the year before it. Although they started at 10 million which was a lie, we will take it from there and see the convert report at the end of the reign of Mirza Tahir Ahmad in TARIQ magazine found on their website on page 31


Any right minded individual would figure out that all these numbers were hoax. Some individuals who were of high ranks faked all these numbers to fool the poor Ahmadis to pay into the bank of Mirza. You can tell that as soon as they got up to 81 million, they knew the lie cannot get bigger, so they decreased it from 80 million to 20 million in one year. I heard that a lot of Ahmadis were upset because they were waiting for the 180+ million to come out. Imagine if that came out though, that’s like the middle east converting.

Here we have Harris Zafar at it, with the belief that his community is progressing in any way. He even did the maths, respect!

harris zaf 2

Yes, he actually got the math right, which is surprising. If there was over half a million converts, I would join Ahmadiyyat today without considering anything. This is one of the biggest reasons why I left this cult and this should be an eye opener for every Ahmadi reading this. So let’s take that number to be true and credit Ahmadiyyat for spreading their peaceful beliefs.

On the basis of this report, it would mean that in 2001, the whole of Egypt converted to Ahmadiyyat. If you don’t know Egypt, just check it up on the map. Imagine over 80 million converting in one year. Let’s go by Zafar’s statistics, it would mean over 150 people were converting ever minute. As crazy as that sounds, it’s actually true, every Ahmadi in the early twenty first century and a lot of them till today believe these numbers. Imagine this, all the Ahmadis were hyped about numbers every year. As soon as the lie got out of hand in 2001, they decided to decrease it by 60 million to save mankind of all converting at once. If the decrease of 60 million is true, it means they left Jordan, Israel, Lebanon and Syria that year, that’s the quantity at which they were working at, and they think that’s acceptable somehow.

They use this propaganda to gain more followers, to get more publicity and to earn more money. In 2002 for example, they decided to finally make a book in the name of ‘welcome to Ahmadiyyat, the true Islam’ introducing Ahmadiyyat to the people! This wasn’t made by one person, it was rather collectively produced and checked by senior members of the Ahmadiyya community. There were several authors to this book of over 500 pages which can be found on their website 

In there, one of the authors writes on page 13

“Just last year more than 81 million men, women and children all over the world have joined Ahmadiyyat. Acceptance of Islam and joining the Ahmadiyya Muslim − Jama‘at (Community), undoubtedly, is the most important decision one makes in one’s life.”

Surely, this type of injustice cannot carry on? It’s 2016 already

After this unimaginable scandal, it seems Ahmadis didn’t give a damn, they carried on their lives as normal. Not only were all the Ahmadis lying by being quite about the numbers decreasing dramatically, the whole system (Ahmadiyya community) kept this lie going into the reign of the fifth succession and to this very day. The 584,000 number this year was a short increase from last year’s number of just over half a million I believe. So they’re still playing the game, but on a smaller scale in case anybody realises.

So if they started with 10 million in 1993, it would be logical then to conclude by adding all the decade of hard work preaching, the Ahmadiyya Muslim community would naturally amount to over 170 million. Ahmadis of course believed this, so on the official website of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community in 2003, the number of Ahmadis worldwide exceeded 200 million according to their statistics.


harris zaffar.png

The even more frightening aspect to all of this scandal is their persistent trial to ill-inform not only Ahmadis but the general public using the media. Also, even after a decade of absolute deceit, they were dedicated in letting it slip by changing the number of converts on August 2006 to ‘exceeding tens of millions’. Where you had over 200 million 3 years earlier, it seems they could of lost over 180 million converts. Just vanished into thin air.

Their current divine leader also fell for the same trick. In an opining letter to Ahmadis as a newly elected Khalifa, he had this to say about the previous Khalif

“During his 21 year period of Khalifat, the seed of Ahmadiyyat the true Islam had been sown in many new countries, making 175 countries in total and the Jama’at expanded from 10 million to over 180 million.”

It would’ve been helpful for Ahmadis to put an end to it in 2003 as the fifth successor came to being but they carried on which made things a lot more uglier for everyone.  In an interview with ‘The Times’ press in June 2008, he (Masroor) or his organisation gave ‘numbering 70 million’ as if they lost over 150 million within a couple of years. However, six months later, he himself claimed in ‘The Hindu’ press that his community was ‘numbering 170 million’. It seems Ahmadis gained 100 million converts within six months. The only two explanations I can give for this mistake, is, either Mirza Masroor Ahmad is a liar, or that he’s careless and extremely bad at Maths. There can be no other explanation for this, I feel sorry for him, it’s not so much his fault but it’s the totalitarian system of the cult that push people to such extremes.

The fact remains in my opinion that Ahmadis have been static since the early twentieth century. It’s largely a punjabi cult with no real aim or long-term plan.

With the rise of ISIS and the establishment of the caliphate, Ahmadis saw a chance in which they can sell their peaceful Khalifat. In another interview in 2014, the BBC reported they were ‘approximately 20 million’. I believe the BBC were aware of the constant lies spewed out by the community so they took it upon themselves to estimate the numbers.  Each Jalsa Salana, journalists fall for the same lies. It seems Barrie Schwortz fell for it from an Ahmadi who gave him ‘more than 150 million’ in 2015. It’s not only researches who fail to realise how much of a fraud these individuals are, but well known news outlets were easily tricked. Vice news recently reported ’10 million’. In this Jalsa Salana, the Guardian picked up 80 million. Ahmadis are confused to this very day, they simply don’t know how many Ahmadis are there. I spoke to some Ahmadis who gave me 60, others give me 20, and some less than 10.

To put this heart aching controversy to rest, I would like to give my input to shock everyone, not only Ahmadis who are skilled in lying and silencing falsehood among each other, but the journalists who throughout all these decades were unable to read into the mind of these cult members.

I believe the Ahmadiyya Muslim community has a population of less than one million worldwide. Yes, you heard that!

Before I explain how, I would like to shatter the up to date analysis of Ahmadi numbers. Their official website has the number ‘exceeding tens of millions’ for 10 years now. A dirty tactic in which they  easily have decades of lying in front of them, but that estimate can easily be dismantled. Ask any Ahmadi of the county which houses the most Ahmadis, the first and only answer would be Pakistan. Their highest figure which is still fake is 4 million. Now, if you add Ahmadis in Europe, the Arab world, North Africa (Arabic speaking) and America, they would amount to less than 200,000 with ease. The two places left are Asia and African counties like Nigeria and Ghana. However much you want to fake the numbers in these countries, remembering that each country cannot exceed 4 million, it’s highly unlikely for the numbers to reach 10 million let alone 20 million.

Throughout my research though, I have come to the conclusion that Ahmadis worldwide are less than one million. In Pakistan, they are less than half a million, and if you include Non-Arabic speaking African countries with Asia, they would almost definitely be under 300,000. So if Ahmadis reach 1 million followers worldwide, power to them, but I highly doubt it.

To conclude, Ahmadis have a long history of lying and this example is only a drop in the sea. They use media platforms to enjoy propaganda at their own leisure while knowing fully well their deceitful nature. They hold up spokesmen like Qasim and Harris who are famous for speaking of tolerance, yet none of them have the guts to criticise their community openly or privately. I call hypocrisy on that

It came out of Qasim’s mouth

harris zaffar

Yes, ignoring problems and lies in your community will not serve you in the long run. I urge all Ahmadis to closely examine not only the number of converts, but other statistics including new Mosques and the opening of new communities within the Jamat as most likely they are lies too.

Unfortunately, for Non-Ahmadi readers, this is very shocking, for Ahmadi readers,it’s just another day in the realm of ignorance and cowardness.

Well, it takes real courage to stand up to injustice, and very little people do it, especially if the injustice is done by those who are close to them.

If anybody feels an atom’s weight of responsibility after reading this blog, you would at least talk about it, re-tweet or like it. I’m not doing this to get popular, nor am I doing this to annoy Ahmadis, but it’s a sincere request for everyone to check, and re-check information, and if your brother or your family member makes an injustice, its incumbent upon you to stand with those who are truthful. Many Ahmadis suffer from the acts of this community, and I wish to create a voice for the voiceless.

Thank you for reading