Inside Ahmadiyyat: what is it made up of?

The Ahmadiyya community is a lost monster of unresolved tenants, Punjabi culture and an out-of-touch community whose aims are elitist. Hidden behind the banners of ‘love for all hatred for none’, there’s a real feel of uncertainty in every single member. Ahmadiyyat has been extremely vulnerable from the outset, and it has changed its theology rapidly to suit the time, and has successfully kept people in check using totalitarian and military style mechanisms.

It has managed to morph many traditions at once into a cult with very complex roots and direction.  Here’s just a list of what I think has made up Ahmadiyyat


  1. It has a Shia twist to it.

Constant glorification is giving to those in high office with absolute respect, and utmost obedience. It reminds me of Shia clerks and how they literally worshipped by their people. Ahmadis have pictures of Jalsa and Masroor on their walls like it’s something to be worshipped. Also, the indoctrination methods used to incite hate towards Sunnis are similar to how Ahmadis are raised with fear of other Muslims especially Sunnis.


  1. They have Sunni tradition at their backbone

Even dare I say, they adhere to the modern salafiyyah of today in their narrow minded attitude towards the writings and sayings of Mirza and Masroor. You should see how they wrap their women on TV, it’s as if they were contaminated animals about to be shipped back to the wild life. In Rabwah (Pakistan), niqab is worn by all Ahmadi women. The strict pardah rules are crazy, with all the propaganda, regressive parenting and judgemental uncles; Ahamdi girls are pretty loose on modesty. This stuff doesn’t really work here in the UK, the best I’ve seen are some fake hijabis at Jalsa with their hair running down their back, respect though! (not really). Ahmadis from day one have tried to please Muslims, from the Barahim- i-ahmadiyya (supposedly, a defence of Islam), attacking Christian apologetics to adhering to strict laws and commandments in the Sunna. When it comes to Khulafa and jamat though, you can kiss that a good bye, because the final word is the only word. Any ex-Ahmadi or anyone who spent good time with Ahmadis working would know that office work is more important than Allah; any day. Also, they do take hadith very seriously since they rely on them to prove the coming of the Mehdi, Messiah and prophet.

It’s funny though, they are torn between a highly open-minded, liberal modernist sect and a stanched system full of conspiracies and straw man arguments. Their system goes back to the Stone Age and their rituals are largely Punjabi yet they claim they have rational arguments in the case of Jinn, miracles and prophethood. In this process, they have left a generation of confused, Islamic illiterate and highly vulnerable individuals.


  1. Christian spirituality

The spirituality aspect comes from Sufism but the way Ahmadis seek acceptance of prayer, dreams and God consciousness is very similar to how Christians behave. The idea that God intervenes everywhere and every time is something extrinsic and unfamiliar with most Muslims. Like Christianity, they think God drives the car with them or something. It’s fine Allah answering prayers, but having divine leadership is a different story. It seems this is the only argument they have left for the truthfulness of Ahmadiyyat, and that too is increasingly under threat. What started out as a movement to crush Christianity and bring back the Renaissance of Islam has ended in disaster; of which little hope is left for an increasingly dying and vulnerable community.


  1. Modernist slurs

I’m not sure where their love for the West came from, it may be because Muslims rejected them but it’s an odd relationship. The founder and the second Khalifa were very harsh towards the West, calling them all types from the anti-Christ to predicting the last fight to be with the West, even the fourth Khalifa had mentioned this prediction (it would be really appreciated if someone gives me the reference for this).

It has become very confusing ground for Ahmadis as they find it hard to distinguish between being peaceful on the one hand and being liberal and open on the other. I guess everyone has to find a purpose, but this direction is an odd one, it has really divided the Jamat. Some want to go full retard in social justice but others just want to take a quick picture and call it a day. One thing is known for sure among all though, keep smiling and do what you have to do because nobody really knows where this ride is going.

They pride themselves of their secular outlook even though Mirza Ghulam Ahmad never commented on anything to do with this, he never discussed punishments (including apostasy) in the Shariah, nor did he talk about state and religion relation. Yet leftist platform like Huffington post is recruiting every Ahmadi in-sight. It’s a cult that advocates for tolerance, they have almost become like the regressive left of today who advocate for freedom of speech yet don’t practice it. Give them more voice and soon you will see them collapse on their knees as Allah says لم تقولون مالا تعلمون (Why do you speak what you do not practice) and rightly so. If you want to destroy an optimistic group, give it power and give it air, soon it will collapse on its own. The left doesn’t know who they are allying with; I hope one day their tern will come soon too.

Feel free to add your thought!



18 thoughts on “Inside Ahmadiyyat: what is it made up of?

  1. Funny, how much time you guys have 🙂 …. Go for work, or do something good for the World. But please stop writing “Blogs” with no Name. If you are right and truth – than please please be so right and don’t hide you!

  2. I’m a teenager. Most would be at the sheesha bar or playing video games. Exposing a multi millionaire cult business is an honour for me.

    I get this ‘get a job’ thing from ahmadis so much. I haven’t until today heard a single argument from an Ahmadi that challenges my judgements.

    There are many starving ahmadis around the world. Family tensions and wasted time on fake missionary work. Wouldn’t u think it’s a noble cause? Or it isn’t because it makes u uncomfortable?

  3. السلام عليكم
    Dear TrueAhmadiyya, the Hani Tahir videos you posted don’t have any English Subtitles, so like most of us who don’t know Arabic, it would be generous to translate exactly what he’s saying or add the subtitles. So we know what Hani sahib is saying for the benefit of others. Jk

  4. But you guys Just Kill people im name of Islam… Can you please stop this first? Before you go crazy and envious on someone. If you do a jihad (pen) what is a good thing. Than write down what the mullahs are doing? Or is this okay? Please start there before doing this. Mabey you are right with all this – but don’t hide you! Funny jihad.

  5. Nice sweeping generalisation of Muslims there. Yeh, I’m gunna drop my sword, hang on a second……

    Yeh I’m back now.

    If a group of people start chanting they are the saved sect with a prophet and the messiah, I think it’s a pretty important job to combat this fantasy so my jihad is good alhamdolillah.

    As for the mullas, u can’t justify two wrong acts by saying one is worst. This site has only been launched 2 weeks ago and I’m getting ahmadis crying about it.

    Man up, and if u believe u are the saved sect led by Allah, then bring forth ur evidence


  6. السلام عليكم
    Dear TrueAhmadiyya brother, why don’t you provide any references to your source material – same with Hani Tahir…in any of his videos he has not provided any sources or reference from the books of the Promised Messiah…and why don’t you have an discussion forum or comments section…it seems you don’t want people to reply to your allegations..sort it out.

  7. Wasallam brother

    Ahmadis haven’t objected to Hani tahir’s swift referencing and sometimes not referencing. He has all the books of MGA, and he doesn’t need to lie to further his aims

    I’ve referenced most stuff, others, I just don’t get the time and I can’t be asked, ur the first Ahmadi who was actually interested in knowing more about referencing.

    I have a Twitter account jihadofthepen2.0 and I upload there, and sometimes debate there. I’m open to debate and discussion, ahmadis are the ones running away not me.

    Everyone can comment here as long as they make an account. As for setting up another forum for debate, I’m not sure how you can do that, and I doubt any Ahmadi will actually visit and discuss.

    Do ask anything, and I will be more than happy to answer. If you need the references on some of the stuff I put, send me an email and I’ll send u the reference.

    If I have any other Ahmadis requesting me for the quotes I left unreferenced, then I will take out some of my time to complete them.



  8. Very interesting, I’m learning more from this site than in 6 months of conversion to Ahmadi (since I’m here you can tell I’m reconsidering). I’m female and White, I don’t think they like that because they’ve been doing their utmost to shut me out. Like refusing to issue me a member ID number and card for six months with no explanation, and forcing me to sit at the Guest table at all events. At Jalsa they even assigned someone to escort me everywhere, even meals and the toilet. I tried to look at their history exhibition but several people kept stepping in front of me offering to “help” when I tried to read the posters.

    One facet of Ahmadiyya which you didn’t mention is their racism. They seem to have a hatred for Whites. I’m treated with disdain by most of their women, or I’m repeatedly grilled about being a “foreigner”. I’m in Canada and was born here, for the record. For a while I was following Qasim on Twitter (their suggestion), but he posts more hate against Whites than anything else. He rants endlessly about “White Privilege” and every time a White person commits a crime, he blames all of us and invokes “White Supremacy”. I DM’d him asking politely “what’s with the racism, I thought your motto was love for all?” and got ignored of course. In my experience the Ahmadis eagerly accept Blacks and other non-Whites, but Whites are subjected to months of “probation” and suspicion. In my case it could also be because I’m a woman, and because they’ve realized I can’t afford to be financially crippled by their “donations”, so I make a very poor cash cow.

    Re the women, you nailed it re their shamelessness. Maybe they are just begging for attention since they’re treated like dirt swept under a rug. The women are rude, pushy and entitled, and they dress garishly in glittering sequined, bejewelled pant suits with gauze sleeves, with “barely there” gauze headscarves, leaving most of their hair uncovered. They all have long, curved fake nails, heavy jewelry and henna all over their hands. I refuse to follow their poor example and dress in proper opaque hijab and Islamic garb. At Jalsa you couldn’t get to the womens’ toilets, they were lined up hundreds deep – all waiting for flashy young bimbos to loiter and primp their trowelled-on makeup and uncovered hair in front of the sinks! With Ahmadi women it’s all or nothing – either they’re wrapped up like bandits with even their noses covered, wearing all black, or dressed in the flashy sequined outfits with hair hanging down their backs and inch thick paste makeup. When I asked about appropriate dress I got different tales depending on who I asked. Go figure. That seems to be the pattern with everything Ahmadi.

  9. “Go figure. That seems to be the pattern with everything Ahmadi.” hahah, nice ending. Your experience has probably been more peaceful than most ex-Ahmadis. I’m not sure about racism, but like I said, they’re torn between becoming entirely integrated on the one-hand, and that seems to be joining the crusade of the intolerant anti-white left of America today, or the usual cultural Punjabi type Islam which has little to do with the rich and beautiful tradition of classical Islam.

    As for why you were ousted from their community, I’ll put it down to two main reasons. Firstly, you have a critical mind, and that is a no no. You don’t ask questions in a cult, nor do you comment on anything which the Khalifa hasn’t already mentioned. The second reason boils down to culture. Their culture is pretty damn suffocating, and their views about outsiders aren’t tolerant or open. If you look closely enough, the blacks hang around with the blacks, the Pakistanis with the Pakistanis, and the converts with the converts. Diversity is minimal, and sectarianism, gossip, and hatred is abundant. You can call that racism, but it has more to do with xenophobia. I don’t think a Pakistani first generation man will give his daughter to someone who is black, nor would an Arab for that matter. As for Qasim Rashid, then he’s categorised in the increasingly divisive firing line of contemporary American politics. He could be called a racist with certainty, but don’t blame Ahmadiyyat for that, blame the modern day left that has bred prejudice against whites for decades.

    Most Ahmadis have an IQ of less than 100, so don’t expect them to figure out their conspiracy led worldview is nothing but shambles. Most of them don’t believe in Ahmadiyyat, or god for that matter. Seldom do they pray, seldom do they voluntarily gather to read religious literature or discuss Ahmadiyyat.

    The best advice I can give you is to forget about it, just think of it as a bad dream. Pray to Allah regularly and go about your business, you don’t want to take this any further because you’ll certainly be faced with a lot harsher aggression.

    A cult is a cult, and Ahmadiyyat is one of the worst out there, you want to stay away from them as much as possible. Take that from someone who grew up an Ahmadi.

  10. Thanks for your insight! It’s so ironic that they spend untold sums of money disseminating propaganda to make themselves seem welcoming to outsiders and potential converts. They even brag that they attract more converts than any other Islamic sect. I guess a lot of those converts end up like me – they get fed up with being treated like third class citizens, or realize it’s a cult (or both) and leave. Their motto “Love for all, hatred for none” is such a sham!

    “Most of them don’t believe in Ahmadiyyat, or god for that matter. Seldom do they pray, seldom do they voluntarily gather to read religious literature or discuss Ahmadiyyat.”

    That was something that struck me when I first got involved with them. As a Christian I used to belong to churches which offered bible study and other regular religious meetings. Instead the Ahmadis gave me a pile of books and just left me to study them on my own, with no followup to make sure I was studying and that I didn’t have any questions about the material. They did assign one lady as a sort of teacher, I would phone her five days a week for “lessons” but really all it was, was me asking random questions. There was no directed study. I had to learn everything from their website, like how to pray etc. – then I found that a lot of the material (especially the instructions for Salat) contradicted itself and was therefore confusing. Several women admitted to me that they rarely pray at home, and only go to mosque if there’s a Lajna meeting or a special occasion such as Ramadan.

    I’m already moving on and have been researching other mosques to go to. I’m lucky in that I live in a very multicultural city with many mosques to choose from. I contacted a mosque that’s close to where I live and that attracts a multicultural congregation. Hopefully I will be there next Friday for Jum’ah prayers insh’allah. In the meantime I have found a couple of mainstream websites for Muslim converts to study.

  11. Welcome to Islam by the way

    The convert numbers are a lie by the way, but you don’t need to get into that.

    Check my email for the place I recommended, they’re doing a new course for converts like you. I think you’ll enjoy it.

    And keep me in your prayers

  12. I believe Quran 4:157, 158 & 159 are sufficient for any Muslim to confirm that Ahmadiyya Sect contradicts Quran.
    After all, Quran 4:157 clearly states that Messiah Jesus was not crucified (at all). However, Ahmadiyya Founder MGA claimed that Messiah Jesus was crucified. MGA further added a new twist that Messiah survived the crucifixion & went to Kashmir, where he finally died.

    Quran 4:159 is a PROPHECY that is foretelling us that, before Messiah Jesus will die, all of the people of the scripture (who will still be alive in that period of time) would finally know that Jesus Christ is only a messenger of God & hence all of them would embrace Islam.
    Quran 4:159 is a clear prophecy that Jews, Christians & Muslims would become one community (Muslims) before the death of the Messiah because they would firmly believe in the message of Jesus Christ. This oneness or unity would finally usher Mankind into the AGE OF PEACE that Jesus Christ is prophesized to bring in his second coming (& before his death).

    Quran 4:157. (pickthall translation) And because of their saying: We slew the Messiah Jesus son of Mary, Allah’s messenger They slew him not nor crucified, but it appeared so unto them; and lo! those who disagree concerning it are in doubt thereof; they have no
    knowledge thereof save pursuit of a conjecture ; they slew him not for certain,
    158. But Allah took him up unto Himself. Allah was ever Mighty, wise.
    159. There is not one of the People of the Scripture but will believe in him (Messiah Jesus) before his death, and on the Day of Resurrection he will be a witness against them.

    In Quran 19:33, Jesus is saying –
    Peace be on me the day I was born, and the day I will die, and the day I shall be raised alive!
    We Muslims absolutely agree that Jesus Christ was miraculously BORN, (then God ascended him towards Heaven alive (Quran 4:158), so Jesus would descend back to earth alive (Quran 43:61), finish the remaining days of his life) & one day, JESUS WILL FINALLY DIE (before his death, all alive Christians & Jews would embrace Islam as prophesied in Quran 4:159). On the day of Resurrection, Jesus Christ shall be raised alive (like the rest of Mankind).

    Quran 43:61 And lo! verily there (descend of Jesus) is knowledge of the Hour (of Judgement). So doubt ye not concerning it, but follow Me. This is the right path.

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